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thinling of going this year

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I really want to go to glade this year, never been before. I have managed to persude friends to go to glasto and Global, but dont think i'll have much luck with getting them to go to this one. as a result if i do go i'll be on my own. so qustion is what is glade like when going in your own and is there a forum meet?

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just go... it blows everything else out the water.

it's their loss (really).

thing with glade is it's a more grown up, laid back festival compared to global or similar & hardly any chavs, despite varied music policy. people really are going for the music rather than a bunch of kids misbehaving for the hell of it.

everyone seems really friendly on site, people look out for each other around their tents, & it's all very relaxed how you can just decide when you feel like getting on it & follow your ears. it's not like commercial events where you feel you need to be in two places at once, feels a bit more casual than that. like a camping trip with * something interesting, over there *.

not sure where this worry about going solo comes from as even people in groups can suddenly stand up at their pitches & think "i'm going over their to X tent / arena". just know where your tent is, keep valuables in the lockups & talk to people, it's not hard!

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i'll probably see how the financial situation is looking in a few weeks. Definitely want to go though, from what i have read and seen the vibe looks really good.

My first festival was at the matterly bowl, such a quality place to have a festival.

When do tickets sell out? I noticed they did last year


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Tickets last year sold out a couple of weeks before the festival.

Like nvkid909 said, the glade festival is experience like no other. I would say it's the best festival I'ever been too. It's all about electronic music from psy trance to techno, breaks etc but not cheesy commercial sh!t. There main target audience are different undergound communities. Last year they change the venue to the matterly bowl, while the old venue was a lot suitable for the glade it was still a blinder last year at the bowl.

I was gonna give it a miss thir year and try something different in July, however my friends are trying to convience me that is diffuclt to find a festival as good as glade and honestly I think their right!!.

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Great vibe, best of the festivals. Big enough not to get boring in 4 days but still a small festival vibe. It is very much in the independent festival spirit rather than the comercial ones. But it is the naughty step of UK hippy festivals.

It has been described as the fluffiest squat party in the country.

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