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Couldn't decide which thread to put this in so gave it it's own with Pauls headers from his "My Thoughts"

This was my 3rd Bella and this year we stayed in Inverness for 2 days before and then at Hilton at Coylumbridge on the way down, arrived back at 4pm Monday.


Arrived on site 2pm Thursday at the caravan site waved straight in and bbq on by 3, all very civilised down their which is great with the kids.


As noted the caravan site seems to be full of families and quite large groups who all behave themselves and in general clear up and bag everything for collection, if i was the organisers though i would add in a skip or two to this area as most people would probably take their waste to it.

We were at the bottom of the hill by the perimeter fence and the toilets up by thee cctv police van were miles away.

Funny story though when we returned for lunch and a chill on the Saturday afternoon a caravan about two forward from us had set up as an impromptu stage with guitars, drum kit and the works playing thrash metal, had a wee crowd of 20 or so but my Mrs wasn't happy as she was trying to read her book, the kids told her "well it is a festival mum"


Thought the toliets were the same as last year in the arena and never encountered any problems, more urinals though wouldn't go a miss. Could have done with a set of portaloos down the bottom of the hill in the caravan area though.


Stewards all good natured even the ones who came to put out our fire until they realised it was a bbq and we told them the sausages were all accounted for.


Big presence in the campsite which was re-assuring and seemed a lot more prevalent on site this year than last, all seemed good natured and worked the fetival very well from my point of view.


Arena was fine, camper area also fine, would like to see some thought given to a "leave no trace" campaign to encourage people to clear up, try giving black bags out.

I noticed a few comments on the board about the state of General and i feel cheap camping gear is to blame given folk just don't give an eff about their gear or surroundings and leave it to others to fix out.

More hassle-ing of the main culprits by the security would be good.


Slightly bigger this year as mentioned, loved the mothers ruin and the new Hielan fields area.


Food all excellent, not to many generic burger vans which is nice, Highland hog roasts had a kids stalls doing burgers, toasties and alike for £2-£3 which was excellent.

Big shout out to Mutleys Crepes and Bumbles Desserts, Sticky toffee pudding and Custard at 11:30 at night with the family will stay with me forever.

Black isle brewery for the 3rd festival this year with many excellent lagers consumed, ventured up to the other bar to get gins and wines on the saturday and the service was diabolical, could possibly do with more staff serving and less pouring, or possible train the people serving to keep to one area.

Line Up

I don't really go to this festival for the music so it never concerns me who plays, caught Alabama 3, Kid British and Sergeant and spent the rest of our time in the Tir nan og and the venus fly trap.

Saw Kid Carpet, Mr Methane (weirdly wondeful) one up one down (contemparary dance) who were all excellent.

Booked the young lad in for the football which he enjoyed as much as the horror make up and parchute games in the snap dragon tent.

Managed to take part in the debate on digital music (with Glen Tilbrook) which i enjoyed almost as much as singing along to the late night showing of Sound of Music with mine and my friends daughters.

Oopps almost forgot to mention the Craic it open Celidh which was fab once again


Excellent, Excellent, Excellent had a ball and will be buying tickets for next year ASAP, this festival has everything we love from a festival.

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Well it was my first Bella, heard great reports from everyone running up to it and I must say it never disappointed. This festival is the best one I have been to in 13 years off festival going. It is so laid back and friendly and even more its seems safe for the kids. If they are having fun then so am I. Our group was 8 adults and 6 kids and al off us had a ball. All defo going back next year.

Only point is need more lighting in family campsite, so if that is my only gripe then no bad eh...


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Our 5th Bella. We don't stay at the festival site - too wimpy about the loos and lack of showers, but we camp about 10 mins drive away.

Had a great time as ever. Kids had a ball, but - as a friend pointed out to me - they've been brought up on it!

Food was excellent, the hot pork roll from the Highland Hog Roast and the sticky toffee pudding from the local stalls were high-lights for me. The kids lived off the Noodle Bar which was selling half portions to them, which was great.

The loos were not bad considering.

I was expecting it too be mobbed with it selling out, but only Thrusday and Friday seemed busier than normal. If you wanted a quite corner, there was always one to be found.

Enjoyed the music, but I always find something I like anyway.

We all loved the mother's ruin, and the beating heart was fun!

Only 361 sleeps 'till Bella '10!

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