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Anyone have any comments?

I thought it all turned out rather superbly considering it was the first year at a new site - you'd normally expect some issues in the circumstances but I'm struggling to think of anything apart perhaps from some sound bleedover in places from being a bit more compact. Despite the obvious differences to the wasing site it still 'felt' like Glade and didn't feel as 'arena-ish' as I thought it might. The payoff in sound quality and extended hours was obvious and didn't it cope with the rain well!

Security seemed pretty cool and I didn't see any trouble (apart from one lad who looked like he'd had his nose broken) but I heard there were a few thefts from tents?

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kind of regretting not going now, though i do find the price a bit steep.

the problem with homelands was (& i didn't want to say this before glade) - the TOILET drainage. the "WALL"*. horrible leakage in the tents at homelands. what a load of rubbish, putting up a 'gentlemens' wall adjoining a slope near the tents. stupid.

anyway that was years ago, glad they got the rain drainage sorted ;)

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Well I will just say this...


The site was great, the festival was incredible, totally pisses over Glastonbury in scale, spirit, mindset, muddiness, people...the list can go on!

Was a bit not sure at first, didnt like the quite epic walk to the site...but yay for crew passes eh? First time into the area was v reminiscent of Homelands (and some of the scary bad memories of that place) but being camped so close to the area, the tents all being within bloody easy walking distance, the locally sourced food, the good sound systems, the crazy array of tunage, the not too badly clashing line ups, the lack of people causing crushes...saying that even when they boot it up to 15,000 it will still never be super busy, the FAIRIES...finally found them after seeing only 3 at the whle of Glasto...and 2 were male too!!! Pretty friendly, smily security, EVERYONE off their face...the availability of certain items I havent seen for over ten years at a fest...

but I do have ONE question and will raise it again probably...

when did selling/purchasing indulgences become ALGEBRA????

Quite confused by all these youngs uns going around asking 'do you want to buy some MGMT, pir(2) , 2CV and so on...you know what am talking about tho? :lol: Quite ridiculous...by the end of the weekend, when asked I would just ask back...'just tell me the random assortment of letters and I will say yay or nay'! :D Kids these days eh? :D Really began to appreciate the straight talking men of colour shall we say, with London accents walking through the crowds with proper sales pitches! :)

Will hopefully get round to posting a decent review sometime this week but I am currently still recovering in a big way. I HONESTLY thought I had caught swine flu. I have spent the last 24 hours in bed having not been able to eat, feeling very very sick, laboured breathing, everything spinning and so on...turns out...Glade just broke me in a very bad way! Havent partied that hard in over 2 years...oops! (And possibly blame the DSL as well!...first time in 12 years!) Yeah baby!

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Only made it for a few hours Sunday PM, not a big dance festie guy, but will definitely be back for the whole weekend next year!

Great friendly feeling, can't comment on the site change as never been before, however thought the Bowl looked great considering the weather earlier in the weekend..........and I didn't see it at night, which others have said was a must, especially Arcadia.

Some tents on the outer campsit4es were pitched at incredible angles though! Which considering the camp site in the bowl and close to the arena had masses of space and was pretty level was a bit strange

Loved Origin.

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