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Parking at Glade and camp availability

Guest Harby

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Hey guys,

My first time at Glade festival this year, can't wait, but I am thinking about coming up on Friday AM instead of Thursday and so am wondering if I can park my car at the site, how safe that will be, and whether or not I will be boned in terms of getting a space for camping turning up this late?

Cheers guys

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First year for everyone with this one...going in blind! New site, so no idea about the camping arrangements. In the past, car parks at Homelands and Creamfields were safe enough. As for camping, it would appear that there are only 10000 of us going this year and looking at the pic of the site, that should mean probably plenty of space. The old site took up to something like 16k at a very major squeeze and looking at the pics of Matterley Bowl and the strange map from the website, it shouldnt be a prob I would guess.

10000 folk equals 5000 tents max I should hazard a guess what with folks sharing etc...that isnt even a field at Glasto!

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I can't get there until after work on Friday. I'm sure there will be somewhere to camp. Did the same at the Wasing Estate last year, didn't have any problems, but we did camp near to the carpark - such a small site though, only a few mins walk end-to-end.

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