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How busy is the campsite?

Guest Morter

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Hey all, just signed up, got my ticket for this year, cannae wait! I've only been to Reading festival before and really can't hack the drunken 16 year old posh kid rampage so think Glade will be much more suitable, plus the lineup is amazing. (We've had some of the DJ's booked for my club night and they played some wicked sets, gonna be even better at a festy!)

Just a few questions:

  • How busy does the campsite get? I can't get down until friday PM, but some of my mates are gonna be going down on thursday, is it a good idea to give them my tent to pitch so we can all camp together, or is there normally quite a bit of space free?

  • Are gazebos frowned upon like they are at some festivals? Got a cheap one that I'd like to take to shelter from either sun or rain (hopefully sun...)

  • What's gate security like? Sniffer dogs + police, or just a few private security guys like at Reading?

  • Two of my friends are working and wanted to know if there is seperate camping for them, and if so, are they OK to camp with the rest of us still?

Thanks in advance,


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I can only speak for last year (which was at a different site), but:

- The campsite didn't get rammed. I doubt you'll have problems (but I've no idea how big the new site is - might be an idea to give them your tent just in case, if you want a space with your mates).

- not sure, sorry!

- just security guards doing searches, though I think police were present. No dogs when I arrived.

- There was separate camping for volunteers last year. My friends were litter picking and stayed in the separate area - I wouldn't worry though, a tent is only really for sleeping in and your mates can always chill at your campsite if they're not wanting to sleep. If they're working they'll probably be glad of a quiet couple of hours kip in the workers campsite anyway. :lol:

Can't go this year - too skint. Have a good one! :lol:

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