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Attention all Charitable eFesters

Guest norainplease

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Hi!! :O

I don't know how many of you lovely efesters are aware that at this years Glastonbury Festival some of us have organised a World Cup Football Event.

This is primarily a friendly kick about that has been organised over the year as result of a drunked idea at last years festival :rolleyes: !

To cut a long story short the World Cup, England v's The Rest of the World is going to be played on the Wednesday of the festival and is a charitable event aimed at raising as much moeny as possible for WaterAid, one of the charities supported by the festival.

So now we are trying to raise money before we go, as well as on the day!

If you would like to helps us raise some much needed cash for WaterAid we have a Just Giving site here! If you could see you way to donating a couple of quid it would go a long way towards supporting a very good cause and helping loads of people.

By donating just £2.00 each we could really help them out! :(

If you want some more info on the World Cup, you can find it /index.php?showtopic=121317">here!

And to find out where you much needed donations will be helping , please just have a look here!

I really hope that you can help us to raise a shed load of money for a charity that is a very Worthy cause!!

Cheers and if you need anymore info or want to help just chuck me a PM!!


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