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Glastonbury food with pictures


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44 minutes ago, RatingsAndMoney said:

Round the side of the pyramid is a Greek place. Avoid the pork though. My mate got it yesterday and was big slices of pork. Get the chicken! 

It's for my girlfriend, who is veggie so no worries about the meat!

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11 hours ago, K2SO said:

I'm looking for gyros. Anybody found any?

There's a gyros jus round from West Holt's. Face away from stage, same side as brothers bar and just round bend to the right a couple of stalls along heading towards meeting point. 

Can't vouch for quality tho 


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As long as the food is of good quality and a decent enough portion size, then I have no issues at all with paying around the £10 mark for food - taking into account the festival premium, state of the economy/inflation, the effects of covid still being felt etc. 

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54 minutes ago, Glasto Weatherwatch said:

Heard an awful rumour Le Grande Bouffe is missing from West Holts this year. Can anyone confirm? 

It is indeed missing. I haven’t managed to locate it anywhere else (so if someone stumbles across it let us know as I fancy some tartiflette and saucisson!)

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Sausage heaven (I think it's called) just by the gateway, best I've had so far and a bargain at £8 for the works or £5 for basic (just onions)

Best avoided - the halloumi fries / burger place just as you exit from acoustic stage to theatre. Awful burger van style dry burger and bap.

Also just been caught by the ice cream van at the top of the gate C hill, £5 for a 99 poke, absolutely unbelievable.



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Photo really doesn't do it justice but the £5 breakfast from Eat the Farm was really good.

Great sausage patty, bacon, melted cheese and perfect egg in a brioche roll. Heinz and HP sauce.  Next to cashpoints between Leftfield and West Holts.


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Leon' s in West Holts - veggie curries & salads - aubergine curry gets a big thumbs up from me (no pics, you can't see flavour!) £7 for a bowl with rice & 2 curries.

Veggie Fritter (shack/shop can't remember full name) on the left coming from side of flush to left side of pyramid  towards Leftfield - £9 for Dahl, veggie fritters & salad. £5 for veggie fritters & sauce - really tasty, I didn't want a full meal so had the £5 perfect, will go back for full meal!

Alice in Wonderland themed Tea & Cake, top of Theatre - oh my gosh the Battenburg cake 😍 £6 for a slice but is massive, homemade, amazing!

Support the traders, hospitality is hard, really fucking hard to survive & they pay so much for a pitch here.  £10 for a full meal is absolutely not to be sniffed at, you'd pay at least that much for a "meal" in a shitty chain pub where the food is bought in & banged in a microwave/fryer - many, many, many street food traders actually care about what they're cooking, quality ingredients & want you to enjoy it.


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