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Isle of Wight Jazz Festival 2009

Guest TerryJ

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I don't know if you guys knew, but the Jazz Festival on the Isle of Wight is in trouble! They have not paid many of the artists and musicians from 2008, 2007; most of the suppliers have been left unpaid too!

Following various court actions and baliffs and all sort of trouble, Ventnor Town Council have refused the organisers permission to have their function on ANY council owned/controlled property.

Despite this the organisers still take in the money for tickets for events they cannot hold!!!

Work that one out and be carefull before you commit your money.

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The same people ran the 2007 IW Folk & Blues Festival... and didn't pay performers or suppliers there either.

Fairport Convention and The Hamsters among others took them to court.

I'd echo the advice to give Festivals in Ventnor a very wide berth... and if you know any jazz fans thinking of going to next year's Festival then please spread the word and advise them not to part with their money for tickets to an event that is unlikely to happen.

P.S. Please note that the respected Isle of Wight folk promoters 'Vaguely Sunny' are nothing to do with the Jazz and Folk & Blues Festival. They too are owed money!

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Amazing! They've announced today their line-up for 2009 yet still haven't paid their bills from 2008 or 2007.

See http://ventnorblog.com/jazz-festival-debts...ll-outstanding/

The same people who run the Jazz Festival also ran the 2007 Ventnor Folk & Blues Festival for which The Hamsters and Fairport Convention among many others are still awaiting payment.

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