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The NIght Before Beautiful Days

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Hiya people.. should have come hear earlier but had a shed load to do..

Hobo Jones are indeed as miser has mentioned playing the prospect on exeter quayside...

IT IS FREE... However last time this happened with 3 daft monkeys and nuala it was bedlam so get there early...

There will be as long as the weather is good enough an afternoon bbq on the quayside and outside bar (and mark the landlord is spot on.. none of this £3.50 burger lark... but reasonable prices etc)..

There was plans for a band to be supporting but numerous problems, clash of dates, politics, illness and goodness knows what else scuppered that, so there will now be several supporting soloists to entertain us before the main show... these supports are playing for nowt, but there will be collecting boxes on all bars all night so you will be expected to buy them a beer,.. that way at least they get drunk for free...

If anyone needs info on the venue, how to get there, or local accomadation etc check out www.thenightbefore.org.uk

NOTE: If there is anyone with a talent for guitar playing/singing blah blah and they want 20 minutes of fame (or more) get in touch with me either here, or by email dave@dimspace.co.uk

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After numerous difficulties in finding a band to support, the band we wanted (and who wanted to play) discovering they where already booked, half the bands locally being stewards at the festival (and our mental insistence that the support had to be local) and a host of other problems leading to much head against wall banging, we have finally organised some entertainment to keep people amused prior to the wonderful hobo jones. A two hour accoustic session featuring a host of artists playing short sets. The acts, mostly local with perhaps the odd surprise from further afield.

Hosted by Hum, Famous locally for his "rattle and hum" accoustic nights at The Globe, and Tiggas Bar in Exeter, Hum has also regularly performed and hosted at the Bradninch Folk & Music Festival. He's been writing songs for nearly twenty five years and sold many albums while busking on the streets of Britain. Originally a classically trained guitarist. Hum has played with Hawkwind on the travellers circuit as a guest, Roy Harper, and has played La Scala in Italy. "when I sing and if I can make someone happier with my music then I will die a happy man." Hums claim to fame is refusing a record deal with Virgin Records! "and I'm bloody glad I did" he says.

Hum will be joined over the two hours by local artists, and some from further afield. Some will be seasoned performers, some performing to the public for the first time, so expect a two hour (maybe more) eclectic mix of old classics, modern covers, original songs, guitar, harmonica, and maybe even the odd double bass (if we can get it in the prospect)

All of the artists are giving there time for nowt, and playing for free, however there will be collecting boxes around the bar if you wish to buy them a much deserved drink.


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