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Found 6 results

  1. Looks like the replacement for V has finally been confirmed at the Hylands Park site
  2. jessie777

    Ticket Swap

    Hi, Is anyone interested in swapping tickets, I have 2 Weston Park Staffordshire weekend camping tickets and would really like to swap for 2 Hyland Park Chelmsford weekend camping tickets Need to find a location to meet and swap! Please respond!
  3. I recently bought 2X Weston Park Saturday day tickets for V festival (headlining act Jay Z). I realised how far it was after i booked it and would like to swap for 2X Hylands Park day tickets. Message me if you're interested xxx

    Ticket swap!

    I have two red camping tickets for v fest chelmsford. The're weekend tickets and desperately need to swap them for two yellow camping. If anyone is intrested please direct message me or comment! Beka. x
  5. What needs to happen should have happened long time ago... we see it when the litter pick comes each year and most of the rubbish is NOT recycle... its dumped in a land fill... its ALL about profit... 11 people died in glastonbury - accidentally or from drug overdoes in 2013-2014... BUT what we are NOT talking about is ... where are the counter terrorist experts - the under cover people who train staff? - they dont exist. why? because its ALL ABOUT PROFIT... and they dont do anything to safeguard lives until they absolutely have to. GOD forbid anything happens during this summer season... but we need to be prepared to combat islamic terrorism - with everything we have got. come ms beavis...er eavis..whatever... put your hand in your pocket and reassure us that you are actually going to do something ... show us youre not all about the money... http://paulrobindenton.blogspot.co.uk/2017/05/manchester-attack-what-uk-govt-needs-to.html
  6. daniel.k

    V Festival 2014 Hurt/Heal Game

    In preparation for tomorrows announcement I am creating this thread for the V Festival 2014 hurt heal game. I will edit this second post and put the acts in there, but I will include rules here in the first post. Anyone who sees this and wants to suggest a rule change can do before the announcement of acts tomorrow at 8pm. Last year's game was pretty fun at times, so lets see what this years turns out like. Here we go: RULES: All acts start with 50 points 10 points to use per account each day Max of 5 points per act each day These points can be added or subtracted from any act Put your changes in BOLD and with brackets ie Passenger 55 (+5) so we can easily see the changes Once an act reaches 0, put a line through them and they will be deleted hopefully by the person after you Copy and paste the scores from the comment above you If two people post at the same time, one person should edit their scores to incorporate the first persons scores Last act remaining is the winner Everyone that played last year pretty much knows how to play, the step by step rules are more for new people. Hopefully I covered everything, can anyone else think of anything that should be added or changed?