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Found 18 results

  1. As soon as I bought my tickets this year, I wanted to make sure I booked my travel arrangements in order to get there early and secure a good pitch, most likely Pennards or Park Home.As i'm coming from abroad, I didn't want the hassle of renting a car, especially with all that manual gear malarkey. the last thing I want is to rear end someone in the Glasto car park! I decided to book a coach with National Express leaving at 1AM, and arriving at 4:30AM. I imagine that I'll be one of the first through Ped gate A by that time, but my main concern is getting on the actual coach I booked, as I've heard rumors that it's basically just a free for all, and you queue up to get on the coach anyway. My coach is the very first one that leaves, and I plan on getting there an hour early just to be safe. Has anyone had experience with getting out of Victoria Coach Station in the very early morning? Will there be a bunch of people with later times trying to blag it onto the coach, or will it be a more civilized affair? I'd rather not get there extra early, but I will if it's necessary in order to guarantee I get on that coach. Thank you!
  2. Hi there, Me and my boyfriend are looking for a lift to Glastonbury on the morning of the 28th or the evening of the 27th. We are happy to pay £20 a head and also happy to give over our parking permit (which I think is worth £45). Please let me know if you know of anyone or you're driving down at those times. Thanks, Liv
  3. Hi. I'll be driving to the festival with friends early Thursday morning, but my wife needs to work and won't be able to get a train out of London until about 5pm on Thursday. There seem to be a few trains per hour from Paddington /Waterloo with the Paddington train being faster. 1. If I book a ticket for a specific train, with crowds is it likely that they will be able to get in that train, if not, can it be used on the next train with availabile space (ie are usual conditions of carriage for specified train bookings ignored due to the volume of people going to the festival?) 2. First class is not significantly more for the trains she is thinking of taking. Anyone got experience of a 1St ticket to Castle Cary for the festival? Will it be a reserved seat, thus guaranteeing her a place on the specified train, or if big crowds will she be waving the train goodbye from the platform and squeezing in to standard in the next available train. Therefore the additional cost for 1St having been wasted. Thanks
  4. A group of 4 of us managed to get tickets in the resale yesterday morning but were unable to get a car parking ticket. 3 of us are fine with public transport, but the 4th member of our group is a teacher and so can only travel up on Friday afternoon, and also has to leave Sunday night. This was already going to be a pain by car but makes it basically not worth coming if she had to do all the travelling by train (we're coming from Southeast London). Is there any chance she'd be able to pay on the door the official car park on the Friday when there's likely no queues? Or does anyone have any experience using any other roads/car parks in the surrounding area that are say a cab ride away from the Campsite drop off point? Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, After some advice/reassurance. Normally I get the coach from Manchester to the festival, and arrive at the gates by 8am on Wednesday. It's a journey I'm comfortable with but this year I'm going with someone who hates coaches, so it looks like we will be driving instead. I really don't fancy the idea of queuing overnight in the carparks, but likewise, I won't want us to end up being late in and missing half the day. We'll be coming from Lancashire and I normally head to Hitchin Hill/surrounding fields to camp. Is there a gate that would be best for us to aim for? What can we expect the journey to the carpark and onto site to be like? Any hints or tips? Like I said, I normally get the coach so it's totally new to me! Thanks
  6. Evening, I am the only person travelling from London in my group so looking for a bit of guidance before I book my travel. Am I right in thinking the best route is to get the train into Portsmouth Harbour and ferry over to Ryde? Also, looking at the return foot passenger ferry prices, does £29 sound about right? I need to be back in Portsmouth to catch the train for about 9am so assume I will have peak travel time prices? Final bit, is getting from the festival site to the ferry for 8am realistic with busss etc? Thanks for all your help Ian
  7. LEARN HOW YOU CAN STAND A CHANCE TO WIN UP TO SGD $25,000! Event: 12th International Choral Festival Orientale Concentus, Singapore 2019 Date: 29 July - 1 August 2019 (4 Days) Location: Singapore Orientale Concentus, conceptualized in 2008 with the purpose of promoting international arts and cultural exchange and youth choral music development, has seen a successful run across Asia. Participants in earlier editions not only hail from host countries, but also from Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, South Korea, South Africa and Czech Republic! This will be a unique opportunity for all choirs to step into a holistic and memorable international choral learning journey, all in one place. The upcoming 12th International Choral Festival Orientale Concentus, Singapore 2019 is scheduled to take place once again in Singapore from 29 July - 1 August 2019 (4 Days). Why you should sign up? Grand Prix Prize Money of SGD 10,000 GUARANTEED! Perform in Singapore's World Class Esplanade Concert Hall with superb state-of-the art acoustic features Remarkable opportunity for aspiring choirs to broaden their chorale horizons, network with other talented choirs and build long-lasting international friendships! Learn from our World Renowned Adjudication Panel! Watch our 11th Orientale Concentus' highlight video to have a glimpse of what you can expect participating in OC11 and how we are different from other festivals in the region! Participate NOW to save 15%! Visit www.orientaleconcentus.com or email to event@ace99.com.sg to find out how you can win up to SGD $25,000 and other exciting offers for Orientale Concentus 12. We are really excited with all the programmes that we will provide and we would love to have you join us! P.s. Do remember to follow us on Facebook for more updates!
  8. Hi all - so I've ended up with a Thursday coach ticket (1 way) for this year (also my first Glasto!) Ive had a browse on National Express Glasto page but can only seem to find return tickets or singles on the way there Does anyone know the best way of getting back to ye old London on the Monday? Coach preferable I just cant work out how to book one just for the return journey, any help much appreciated.
  9. I’m going Friday-Sunday to creamfields solo and wondered if anyone was the same or fancied pitching up together? My mate just pulled out but I’m determined to go haha. Im driving down from Scotland so could potentially pick up on the way :D
  10. After some advice on Sunday evening travel. In previous years we've stayed for the weekend and driven home Monday morning however we've opted for just a Sunday day ticket this year. Planning on getting the train there and back. Understand from elsewhere trains run late Sunday night into Paddington however does anyone know if they run late the opposite direction towards Didcot and Oxford? Thanks!
  11. Got a few extra seats available on our groups coach (return too) (Wednesday and Thursday)
  12. I will be travelling from London to Leeds on Wednesday 23rd August. i have just searched for travel tickets, and found that the coaches are not going from London! Trains are expensive. does anybody have any options or advice?
  13. InternationalOddity


    Hello all, What's the general opinion on wellies for the weekend? Firstly, would you advise on bringing them, namely due to the weather? Secondly, if they are recommended, would you advise on wearing them or packing them? The ones which I have are very industrial, and as such are rather heavy (travelling by coach so the less weight the better), so may be better on the feet, Thanks in advance!
  14. Hey, kids. We have family within 40 mins of Worthy Farm and two wee kiddywinks in tow. D'you reckon it'd be feasible to commute daily by car - we have the sticky car park pass. Then we could turn up bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and freshly-laundered each morning and head off when the ankle-biters are too pooped to continue. Is there any rule against this? Only half the festival experience for sure, but don't want to put them off - Glasto prob family overwhelming anyway. Many, many thanks!
  15. Hi all, Due to a massive f*ck up, I unfortunately no longer have a Glastonbury ticket. However, I do have a roundtrip train ticket from London to the festival site, which I got at a decent price due to booking in advance. Train times are heading out Wednesday morning, back on Monday morning. There is a free shuttle between the festival site and the train station in Castle Cray (see here: http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/getting-here/by-train/), so the price covers your full roundtrip, and you get to avoid sitting in the massive tailbacks on the way into and out of the festival! Bookings are as below, though there is some flexibility on the return journey: Journey: 1 London Paddington to Castle CaryOutward journey: 21 Jun 2017 departs London Paddington at 07:15 travel by Train service provider GreatWestern Railway to station Castle Cary arrives 09:06 ( seats reserved: Coach: D Seats: 17 )Return journey: 26 Jun 2017 Suggested service departs Castle Cary at 08:34 travel by Train service provider South West Trains to station London Waterloo arrives 11:19 Selling at cost for £56 as just would like someone to be able to use the tickets. Happy to meet in central London to hand over the tickets and exchange cash.
  16. tparsley


    Hiya, I've just been accepted to work at Glasto with Feststaff and I'm going at it alone! Bit scared, but does anyone have any tips/stories or possibly a space next to their tent for me please?! Also how easy is it to arrive at the camp on Monday? Anyone recommend the bus to the town centre or train? Thanks!
  17. Hi I'm volunteering with Festaff this year and will attend IOW for the first time. I'm really struggling with travel options... Help please! My boyfriend and I have to be onsite by 5pm on Wednesday. The cost of taking my car on the ferry to and from Portsmouth is £200 plus the cost of fuel from dover!? I looked into coach and they don't start running until the Thursday! Looking for ways to get there for as cheap as possible please
  18. Me and my 5 friends have just bought our tickets for fib and are staying in an apartment advertised in the fib site (but booked it separate) few questions for people who have been before. Firstly, is it expensive there? How much do you recommend for daily spends? Secondly, we bought just s ticket and got our apartment and everything separate. What is the best way of getting to the actually festival from the hotel. Thanks for any help!
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