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Found 8 results

  1. Hello!! Due to not so organised friends it appears I'm going to Reading festival alone, is there anyone else in the same boat as me??? Or a thread Im not aware of. Travelling from Wales and have Early Bird tickets!
  2. Hi, I have unfortunately missed out on the caravan supplement for this year. I am here to say I am able to buy one from anybody that can no longer attend the festival or doesn't need their supplement. Please get in touch with me if you are able to sell me this supplement, I would really appreciate it. Desperation is starting to kick in, haha. Campervan Plus is ridiculously expensive just for an electrical hookup and camping with the loud drunkards of the festival is unfortunately not my thing anymore! I repeat, please message me if you have what I need. I'm rambling now so I'm going to stop typing. No I'm not, I lied. PLEASE help me out. Thanks for reading and thanks to the kind person who contacts me with an unwanted campervan supplement.
  3. stephenjonathan

    Westfest 2017 Alone

    Hi, It appears that for my first time at Westfest, I'll be going alone as none of my friends like the same music as me! Is anyone else in the same boat as me? Would anyone like to meetup at the festival? Doesn't have to be for a long amount of time Thanks, Stephen
  4. For some important personal issues, whilst at boomtown, I'll very likely need internet access. I've never been to this festival before, so am unsure if I can access the internet through 3g or 4g or what else there maybe at disposal. Can anyone help me out, and clarify if there is any possible (even if slow) connection whilst there? If not, I will need to make other plans before hand for this personal issue. Thank you, Lucas
  5. Skoo

    Lost lock up ticket

    So the one time I forgot to take a photo of my lock up ticket, I went and lost the bloody thing. Anyone know what happens if you lose your ticket?
  6. HomesickCorgi14

    Question about getting to Bristol Airport

    Hello! I'm a fairly seasoned Glastonbury go-er. However, this year I have booked a flight from Bristol Airport to leave on Monday morning, as opposed to driving. I've seen that there is a bus from the Festival Site at midnight to Bristol Train station. However, I'm unsure as to how busy this gets and whether it would be worth potentially missing Ed Sheeran, to make sure I beat any queues and missing the bus. Also, once at the train station, does anybody know the best way to get to the Airport? It's going to be early hours in the morning, so I assume a taxi might be the only option? Any help/ advice would be massively appreciated!
  7. amyleecupoftea

    Any last minuet volunteering positions?

    Hello all, Less than two weeks to go! My friend didn't get a ticket this year and is absolutely gutted, so I'm trying my hardest to find her a way to get in. Does anyone know of any last minuet volunteering/work going? Shes a top gal, hard working and loves the festival
  8. JamesDoyle

    Newbie Hell

    So it's my first time going to Reading festival, I have a couple of questions, firstly my ticket holder name isn't my name but my dads; what will the security say? secondly I'm only 16 is it easy to bring alcohol if so where can I hide it? and lastly I'm picking up my gcses in the morning and it will take me 1 or 2 hours to get there what time should I roughly attend or be at reading! anyone please answer these questions thank you!