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Found 2 results

  1. ClovenFin

    Your favourite bar at Glastonbury?

    There is probably already a thread out there with this topic, sorry for the duplication.... anyway, your favourite bar and why?
  2. deathistheonlysalvation

    More Underage Drinking

    Ok so I know this question has been talked about loads already on this site but the answers are always inconsistent, i don't know if i'm just looking in the wrong place or what. I'm 17 and going to Reading this summer, answers from underage people who have brought drinks to Reading festival are what I need, not any predictions of what may happen or any lectures, thanks so much. Answers from people who have gotten their bags searched as well would be helpful. 1st question: I heard that in entering, the searching of bags was random but is there a bigger chance of someone who looks younger being searched? 2nd: Do they actually check your ID before confiscating alcohol if any is found? Do they actually care? 3rd: Can you use images of your ID? For eg. can showing a picture of your passport details on your phone be used? Thanks everyone, would be a massive help.