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Found 18 results

  1. Howdy.... If i drove in a caravan behind a vw camper van would that count as my car...or would it count as two camper vans.... MGB
  2. Hey guys, been to glastonbury years ago and had a tent (and sore arms from carry a mountain of supplies). This the first time we're going to a festival in a camper van and have no idea what to expect. Are the campervan camp sites much the same as the tent camp sites? Any tips on what to do/not do? We pretty much have all (or most of) the gear and no idea Cheers!
  3. Hi everyone, it seems like live-in vehicle passes are gold for KC, more difficult than Glastonbury, oh Dear! I am trying some Caravan Parks but they are all miles away from the Arena, the closest one 1 hour away. If you know the region around, are there fields closer to the festival, or spots about 30 min away in which we can stop the camper van? Any tips would be very much appreciated! Loiana
  4. Hi Looking for Green Man festival 2019 campervan ticket.. Either weekend or settlers. Either with or without adult tickets. Had no luck in presale & general sales 😭😭
  5. Hey guys, We managed to do campervan last year and was awesome, we'd love to do it again this year but we couldn't get one in the rush, does anyone have or know anyone that has a caravan / campervan supplement going? Would be massively appreciated! Cheers Caspian
  6. Hi, I have a West campervan (large 8m plus) ticket for sale or swap. The wife was in charge and bought it when the east site got sold out, not realising it’s entriely impractical for us! Looking to ideally swap for an east site ticket (quiet or regular). happy for straight swap even though the large west site ticket is more expensive. Would also be open to just selling it if a swap doesn’t seem likely.
  7. Hi, Does anyone have an east Campervan ticket for sale or would like to swap for a Bath & West Showground ticket (£200 large pitch) I also have a suggestion to share my caravan if you don’t have one yet. Caravans & motorhomes Etc are very expensive to hire for Glastonbury and my idea was to only use mine as a base and for showering and cooking etc and more importantly keeping the beers cold and we all pitch up tents around it. I also have a huge traders gazebo and will be taking my large bbq for outdoor cooking. I’m a good host and happy to be king bbq chef but it’s every man and women to themselves Friday onwards 😂 I’m planning on traveling down from HORSHAM, WEST SUSSEX on the Monday night and will aim to be one of the first in which ive managed to achieve for the last 6 years I’ve been going with my caravan and I usually get us as near as gate C as possible in Field 21. We could meet up before hand and you can travel in with me or I can go first and you meet us later? I will obviously need the ticket before hand backed up with a letter from the ticket holder. Don’t worry I’ve done this before when I’ve had to buy someone’s Campervan ticket and there fine plus the last thing there going to want me to do is try and back my caravan up when there’s a sea of them in front of me and behind me! I’m 100% confident it will be fine and the worse that could happen is that I have to park up and wait for you to arrive but that won’t happen. We could also arrange to take all you bulky bits as I’ll be towing with my van so there’s plenty of room which also means you’ll be travelling light but you might have to get a 20 quid parking ticket and come and find us or park off site and walk in? Trust me a Nice steady stroll with just your wallet or purse and bottle of beer into Glastonbury is unheard of!!!! This way it’s costing you nothing as I will buy the ticket off you and you get to use my caravan facilities for free plus meet new friends which is always a bonus!! 👍 I also have a Bath & West show ground ticket for a large pitch which cost 200 and you get a free 24hr shuttle service into the festival that I would swap at no extra cost. I’ve heard the Bath and West Showground ground is really good and the shuttle service they run is very convenient for those who don’t like or can’t walk long distances especially up the hill of death if your staying in the East CV it’s also a large pitch so if your towing a caravan there will be plenty of room to move around and you won’t even need to unhitch ready for a quick get away!! or I can just buy your east ticket if your circumstances have changed? My group consists of me who’s 42 my friend Ruth who’s 46 and her two daughters which one of them is playing at Glastonbury on the Friday hence why we need to be on site because of the equipment we have. Everyone is laid back and chilled and we’re all Glastonbury veterans which is handy if your new to the festival? I think this is a great idea and I look forward to all your responses. Kindest Regards, Hichan
  8. Hi all I have the following available at face value as I can no longer make the festival: Campervan ticket at £236.50 including the service fee that they add on (£220 + £16.50 extortionate fee!). There’s no electric hook up just so you know. Ferry £95 all in for the return. Southampton to east cowes crossing on Thursday at 15:00 for a vehicle upto 5.5m long, 2.7m high with up to 5 passengers. Returning Monday at 16:30. Early bird weekend ticket at £144.20 including the fees. I’ve only got one of these. I would prefer to sell the campervan ticket along with the ferry crossing but I am willing to split if necessary. Tickets have arrived today so can be posted via special delivery asap or happy for collection from Worcestershire area for that added peace of mind that it's all genuine! If I have no takers on here by Thursday 24th May, I will be listing them all on Twickets. Any questions, let me know. Matt
  9. Does anyone have a download 2018 campervan pass for sale. Please, please message me if you have one for sale!
  10. Hi I am in desperate need of a Campervan/caravan ticket for download 2018. I normally wait for the lineup announcement before buying my tickets but missed out this year and they are now sold out. If anyone has one going at any point then please let me know. I am still going to be buying the camping tickets so will just need the Campervan part. Alternatively if anyone knows somewhere else I would be able to get one please let me know. Thanks in advance
  11. Hello! I have two weekend tickets with standard camping for isle of Wight but I am desperate to locate anyone selling any of the camping upgrade tickets! Let me know! Thanks
  12. Hello, I have a campervan pass for sale. Mistakenly bought arena only tickets and no longer feel like shelling out another 400 for camping tickets. Contact me at nessa_rm18@yahoo.com
  13. Hi, does anyone have a campervan pass that they do not require any longer? Thanks, Hans Please text 07710776653
  14. Hi, I have unfortunately missed out on the caravan supplement for this year. I am here to say I am able to buy one from anybody that can no longer attend the festival or doesn't need their supplement. Please get in touch with me if you are able to sell me this supplement, I would really appreciate it. Desperation is starting to kick in, haha. Campervan Plus is ridiculously expensive just for an electrical hookup and camping with the loud drunkards of the festival is unfortunately not my thing anymore! I repeat, please message me if you have what I need. I'm rambling now so I'm going to stop typing. No I'm not, I lied. PLEASE help me out. Thanks for reading and thanks to the kind person who contacts me with an unwanted campervan supplement.
  15. I have one campervan ticket to sell for this years Isle of Wight festival. Including the service fees and digital print pass, the total price is £240. I'm just after getting money back as we do not have use of campervan now. Please contact me if you're interested. Thanks You will still need festival tickets to enter the festival as this ticket is a campervan pitch only. It does not have electric hook up as far as I know as I did not select that when I purchased the ticket.
  16. Doh! We missed the campervan tickets for Belladrum Tartanheart festival 2018. Anyone selling one? If so, please reply on here and I will get in touch. Fingers crossed....... Thanks, GillyP
  17. Hi IOW luvvers! I'm looking for 1 x campervan pass if anyone has one to sell? Please message me jubowyer@gmail.com
  18. By kind permission of Bonedaddy I am resurrecting his brilliant idea and have created a new version of his thread from last year. Clearly it's not for me to say what people do with their spares, but if you want to offer it out (at cost price + postage) please read on! Everyone last year got fixed up in the end so this will hopefully work out the same this year. The aim of this thread is to prevent duplicate threads getting started and give people a fairer chance by forming a more orderly queue. So please play fair people! To be added to the list, just reply to this thread and state if you have a preference between East or West. We ask that you do not make requests for campervan tickets by starting or posting in other threads on this forum. If you have a ticket please feel free to post in the thread as you may get a buyer, remember, NO contact details are to be added. Queue jumpers are not made welcome and will be removed/excluded from the list and will not be reinstated whatever the excuse. TICKET OFFERS Please reply ASAP and before the time given in the DM/email /text otherwise the person next on the list will be offered the ticket. You will also be removed from the list if no contact is made. We have limited time left and need fast responses. The list is closed for 2014 as I leave for the festival on Monday morning. Please post in the thread to be added to the spreadsheet. I will also be disabling my Direct Messages later today, so please post in the thread if you need assistance. Thanks. Bought/Ongoing Sales sazindie - ticket purchased from torquayjim 20/5/14 sashabella - ticket purchased from Eaglebev 22/5/14 marigold83 - ticket purchased from glastouser 5/6/16 rocks1ar ticket purchased via Facebook 5/6/14 jobleakley1 - ticket purchased from Diabloman 5/6/14 robu - ticket purchased from Rocking mouse 5/6/14 Sarahs - ticket purchased via Twitter 4/6/14 sarahstevens - ticket purchased from andrewp 10/6/14 RobbieT - ticket purchased from fairyinboots 11/6/14 Al Britts - ticket purchased from onthebeach 11/6/14 bec113 - ticket purchased from crumble68 10/6/14 shell82 - ticket purchased from Facebook seller 10/6/14 adamr – ticket purchased from Facebook seller in France! 11/6/14 Tompip72 - ticket purchased from Facebook seller 13/6/14 nette - ticket purchased 11/6/14 KirstyMcFirsty - ticket purchased from Facebook seller 16/6/14 kobioshi31 - ticket purchased from emmetlynch 16/6/14 joevipond - ticket purchased from ZibNib87 17/6/14 twoheads - ticket purchased from thenewunion 16/6/14 Jason Henley - ticket purchased from Facebook seller 17/6/14 BethanG - ticket purchased from muddychick 15/6/14 neilloggie - ticket purchased via Twitter 16/6/14 Jaxxey - ticket purchased from HannahandGary 16/6/14 Leewilliamz ticket purchased 17/6/14 Bexxxxx - icket purchased from Clairabel 16/6/14 Jaxxey - ticket purchased from HannahandGary 16/6/14 KellyandLuke ticket purchased from Facebook group 17/6/14 D-3-4-N ticket purchased from missus_c 18/6/14 hedgehog_stargazing ticket purchased Facebook group 18/6/14 scotty dawg 1973 ticket purchased from Bikerchic 19/6/14 daverachglasto - ticket purchased from another forum 20/6/14 Clairencharlie -ticket purchased from hanleym 20/6/14 SasW - ticket purchased from daverachglasto 21/6/14 Squonk - ticket purchased from Penrhos 21/6/14 Bexxxxx - ticket purchased from Gilbert71 22/6/14 Swaps/Ongoing Swaps gazayn27 - got West - wants East - swaped with tvrobbie booziesuzie - got East - wants West - swapping with Bill&Barbara Strummagnet - got West - swaped with tvrobbie thenavyone- got West - wants East - swapping with Clairebana Diego:) East - swapped with Davebrave - West. Rozcam - West swapping with cairnstrigquartet missus_c swapping with smiley33 Leanna&Dan swapping with morph100 mallin13 swapping with dreadlock Sorted - bought a pass from See, booked alternative site etc downy8 - purchased from See 5/4/14 Beltup2drive - purchased from See 5/4/14 richam - purchased from See 6/4/14 Emyr jones - purchased from See 9/4/14 pinkabe - purchased from See 6/4/14 sicko2003 - purchased from See 6/4/14 stevef100459 - Purchased from See 14/4/14 jesso48 - found alternative arrangements 11/5/14 AngelStu - got East - now in a Tipi, refunded by See 12/5/14 stopgettingbondwrong - doesn't need one after all 15/5/14 shakey. - found alternative arrangements 19/5/14 foolelle -sourced own pass 20/5/14 AutumnGirl - other arrangements 20/5/14 Rodbull - Booked into Love Field 23/5/14 NoviceCamper - Booked into Love Field 26/5/14 bernadettte - Booked into Love Field 23/5/14 12barrels - Bought a pass from a friend 28/5/14 GlastoEls - Booked into Yurt Field 29/5/14 pogal - Booked into Love Field 29/5/14 alibaba890 - Booked into Love Field 29/5/14 proudypants - Booked into Ashcombe Park 29/5/14 BABLUE - Buying pass from a friend 27/5/14 Daveydub - Booked into Love Field 315/14 Bean37 - Booked in The Love Field 31/5/14 JoeyV - Booked in The Love Field 3/6/14 ZigNib87 - Bought a pass from a friend 5/6/14 Nkenny - Booked in The Love Field 8/6/14 HannahandGary - alternative arrangements 10/6/14 Trebor Mint - Bought a pass from a friend 11/6/14 Tracey71 - Bought a pass elsewhere 11/6/14 xmichxfx - swapped elsewhere 11/6/14 smiley33 - Bought a pass from a friend 11/6/14 nedrick - Bought a pass from a friend 11/6/14 sonicpurveyor -Booked into Love Field 12/6/14 cragonator - Bought a pass from someone on Facebook 12/6/13 lucy78 - sourced own pass 13/6/14 Leanna&Dan - bought from Facebook 15/6/14 Waterpistal - decided to camp 15/5/14 bubsy82 - Caravan rental fallen through 16/6/14 glade123 - Bought a pass elsewhere 11/6/14 Elbea - booked Love Fields 16/6/14 alphamaing - Bought a pass elsewhere 16/6/14 maceonbass - Doubts campervan will be allowed 17/6/14 Debijane - friend bought a pass 17/6/14 arambol - does not understand playing fair 20/6/14 wandering hippy - too late for him now, leaves 21/6/14 Thread members removed from the list can be found here http://www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/topic/184029-2014-campervan-tickets-those-in-need/?p=4300162 *** You need to show a festival ticket for each occupant as well as the campervan ticket to gain entry to the campervan fields*** To those of you who have offered to buy me a drink for running this thread, I would rather you contribute to Water Aid who will benefit all the more from it! https://www.justgiving.com/wateraid Thank you and a huge thanks to Bonedaddy for all his support this year! Without his help the list would be much longer! ​Have a fantastic festival everyone!!!!
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