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Found 3 results

  1. Waddup guys, since LL17 was amazing, let's speculate. What do you think so far
  2. Matt42

    Subheadliners 2017

    So it seems like we've gone from having too many subheadliners to now scraping the bottom of the barrel to predict some! We're not long from knowing ourselves so I guess it would be good to collect our thoughts (because i've struggled to keep track ngl) Very Likely: The XX - I think they are pretty much certain to nab a pyramid sub slot, providing they aren't rebooked for Other Stage... but I can't see that happening. So really it's just a guessing game for the other two. Potentials: Elbow - I know they aren't really relevant at all, however they are an easy go to for Glasto for a pyramid sub, and they are now SR on the rumour page, either they will drop in lineup placement or be rebooked in their standard slot. The Weeknd - I'm starting to warm to the idea of the Weeknd subbing, considering he's not an exclusive to wireless and theres no other UK festivals thus far. I also think this is a good time to get him as his latest album is huuuuge and incredibly relevant. Plus, he has unfinished business with the festival after pulling out unexplained in 2013. Outside options: Kasier Chiefs - I don't consider this possible at all but you lot seem to be more open to it. It could be a Primal Scream before Rolling Stones situation, but I can't see Foo Fighters being as demanding as the stones. Lady Gaga - I don't think this is happening anymore, she's having a pretty huge year and I still think she could outright headline the festival sometime in the future. If they've got her as a sub fair play... but I don't think it's happening, especially since Glastonbury has never bagged a subheadlner that strong in all its history! Imagine Dragons - Just one i'm throwing out there... they seem to be a subheadliner at pretty much every worldwide festival going! They are a massive band, and would be a pretty good warmup act for the Foo Fighters. However, I am aware that just because they've subbed R&L doesn't necessarily mean they will sub Glasto Overall I am pretty set on The XX, Elbow and The Weeknd (in that order)... but I reckon i'm going to be wrong and there's a surprise yet to come. Thoughts? Have you missed Matt 42 posts like this Sun is shining in London and I'm getting excited for the summer!
  3. So examination/revision period boredom has driven me insane and i'm taking any chance I can to procrastinate, and as we all know eFestivals is perfect for that. I was thinking of keeping this post for the forum till after this years festival, mull us over the fallow year... but it's been on my mind quite a lot recently. Mainly my thinking is... are there any act out there anymore (that are still active/likely to become reactive) that we can safely say will never play Glastonbury anymore? The reason why I think this is because when I saw Katy Perry announced, It shook my preconceptions of contemporary popstars, as I believed she was always an act either out of Glastonbury's budget or one they wouldn't consider (or ask) to play. While a lot of us (me included) have it pretty firmly in our minds that acts such as Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, are serious contendors to break their glastonbury virginity in the future. However I'm struggling to think of anymore high calibur acts that haven't either already played, or made it clear that they never will. The reason I included Drake was because his management seem to clock that involving him in UK culture is very promosing for his PR. As his surprise appearances with BBK, Section Boyz at Village Underground etc have garnered a lot of press... I also imagine the BBK boys will put a good word about glasto to him, if he doesn't know about it already. Therefore I consider him an act that despite being polarising on here, stands a very good chance of making it onto a future Glastonbury lineup. This years V-Festival lineup makes me think an appearance from Pink in the future could be possible (not headlining), but her inclusion in the UK festival seem definitely seems promosing for anyone who'd be up for that. I also imagine Sia to probably make an appearance one year too (baffled she wasn't there in 2016). The number of acts in the 'never done it' list seems to get smaller and smaller every year, leading me to think is there anyone out there (who is active) that we can say will probably never do it? I can't say I reckon Justin Bieber, One Direction / Harry Styles etc are all likely for appearances, but I guess with them booking such a contemporary act with Perry, I wonder if one of those acts approached Glastonbury one year... would they say no? I guess it also opens up the possibility of one of these acts turning up for a lower than usual billing. I hope all of this makes sense and it's not too typical of a Matt42 post, but can we safely say 'nah they'l never play' to anyone anymore?... unless they are dead?
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