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  1. I said the same thing to my husband last night. The thought of tickets going to people who simply fill out a form a few months before just doesn't sit right with me. At least we have opportunities now to increase our chances and feel we've done the best we can.
  2. Clareno7


    I think they might make an exception.
  3. As a humanist, I find that funny.
  4. Just catching up on this forum and happened to see this... I'm afraid I feel partially responsible for this. When I first started to take my husband to the festival I suggested he take a fabric conditioner bottle because I'd heard about it and getting to the toilets in the night can be tricky...etc., etc. Well I've created a sodding monster and years later he even brings them on regular camping trips with us. I've told him to stop but won't. I've had to be very firm about him not peeing anywhere near a ground sheet. Sigh. Regarding banning plastic, I'm sure it's about plastic bottle sales within the festival, not bottles brought in by ticket holders.
  5. Can kind of see your point - but then again some people might want to have their kids with them and enjoy most of the fest together - but have a little adult time too, just the same as at home or on any type of holiday. Why not if there's something you really fancy seeing but you know the kids will be bored
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