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  1. manateemike

    Boomtown 2018

    We have had no grief with my boy downtown in all the years going. Only noticed last year about the rule, so just told him to keep his head down and stay away from security. TBH we mostly spent time uptown but we stayed till the end Sunday in Chinatown without any problems. Hes only turned 16 this year.
  2. manateemike

    Boomtown 2018

    Weather forecast seems to change hourly. Last night Saturday looked awful. Now Metcheck saying a few mm late sat early hrs Sunday. Nothing Friday and 0.1 mm twice on Thursday.
  3. manateemike


    The bloke was so chuffed at 'finding' my hammer that I often picture it hung on his bedroom wall with a little plaque underneath. But sadly, yes probably ended in landfill somewhere.
  4. manateemike

    Out of date passport ok as ID entry?

    His card was verified on Friday lunch and card was delivered before 1pm Saturday
  5. manateemike


    Gone forever
  6. manateemike

    Boomtown 2018

    I think there's a mix of proper drug dogs along with dogs trained to sniff other stuff. And training dogs What it does though is act as a visible deterrent. (For some) The dog handler that did our caravan last year wasn't in uniform and made me think he was a private contractor.
  7. manateemike

    Out of date passport ok as ID entry?

    I was a bit worried about this as my boys paaport is out of date. Decided at short notice to get one of those Citizens cards just in case for him. Hes so tall it's handy for him to prove sometimes that he is not an adult.
  8. manateemike


    They had my hammer away that I had put in the car to bang a stake into the ground, but didn't bat a eyelid at the toolbox I had in the boot. Got the feeling the boy searching was a bit new to the game and was so chuffed to bits at 'finding' the hammer he went scurrying over to his boss. His boss seemed far more relaxed and experienced with the whole deal and in fairness I think if he had found it he would have understood the explanation and maybe would have let me keep it. Along with all the very sharp knives we had in the cutlery draw.
  9. manateemike

    Disabled camping

    In previous years family Cv and Meadow users have used the South Gate to enter and park towards the Whistlers Green. This year we have been moved around toward the big CV field so I'm not sure if we can still go through South Gate or queue to go through the CV only gate to the East. Last year all CV entered the site towards the South Gate (Orange Gate ??)but then all the (non family/Meadow) CV were forced right to queue for security and wristband . Not sure we're they will queue this year as it appears that area is now a car park.
  10. manateemike

    Boomtown 2018

    Once your in and parked up that's the last time you go through a gate.
  11. manateemike

    Boomtown 2018

    They also had a bit at the end on Town Centre stage.
  12. manateemike

    1.3 million - does Michael Eavis know something we don't know ?

    He was talking about his £5000 overdraft and how he "had hoped to clear it, but now it's £1.3 mil" ( although I thought he said 1and a half)
  13. manateemike

    Boomtown 2018

    Indeed, previous year, we didn't get searched at all.
  14. manateemike

    Boomtown 2018

    At Glastonbury they do the C/V search just before you enter the field to park. Last year at Boomtown, and no doubt due to the late opening, they had an entire field of parked campers in nice queues waiting for the ticket and wristband check. Because of this delay everyone were sitting ducks for checks. We were 4th ish in queue for family at front gate so we had the dog do my car and van plus three people search each. People conducting searchers with previous experience were friendly enough, those new to it were a bit more diligent shall we say. Running to their boss with the slightest of finds. I lost a hammer to one of these twats.
  15. manateemike


    In the draft plan (so open to change I guess) it states Meadow and Family C/V to be moved to "front" of public C/V fields. If thats right then it's moving east away from Whistlers Green. Although if it's put by the access road then it's no further to walk. In its old position you could camp near Whistlers Green but fencing forced you to walk back towards the entrance to the Meadow on the access road.