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  1. Fairy liquid's ads have been updated to reflect modern England! "mummy why are your hands soft?" "cos im only 14 innit, now shut up and eat your pot noodle before your dad gets home from school".
  2. Of course it does!!! Way Way above xxx can't wait!!!
  3. Things to be happy about? Got a great job, 3 excellent and beautiful sons, a dog that doesnt like anyone but me, a ton of amazing friends, Parents that think the sun shines from my behind, but best of all, and the thing i'm most happy about, is that this year, in a few short months ..... ..... after nearly 20 tears of waiting .....I get to marry my very best friend and soulmate!!! So Yes, I'm really really happy!!! Life is good xxx
  4. Alchemy is on its way - Happy xxx

  5. well thats tickets for KC sorted - Happy Daze!!

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