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  1. I have been a number of times with my VW T4 towing a 4 berth van. Has never been mentioned.
  2. westwardhoboy

    Resale Club 2019

    Campervan tix available now
  3. Anyone still looking for East ticket? We have 2!!
  4. Due to "unforeseen" emergency surgery, I can't go. 2 adult tickets and car parking 290 pounds. Less than face value. (would cost 315) I am happy to show anyone the booking confirmation and payment can be made when tickets are dispatched.
  5. westwardhoboy

    T day

    Does anyone know this for sure? That tickets would be cancelled? Has SEE or Festival actually said this or is it a guess? Thanks, not having a go, just weighing up if I should try it or not!
  6. westwardhoboy

    T day

    Can't bare the thought of not getting tickets. We are in the Caribbean for T Day and are usually the ones that get most of the tickets for our group of 18. I know the haters are gonna hate, but what, apart from morale's is wrong with doing this: Create new registrations for my immediate party. Try for coach tickets. Then try with original registrations for tickets in the main lottery (I need a campervan ticket) If successful in both, lose deposit on coach tickets? I know its bad, but not being "in control" on ticket day means desperate measures!!
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