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  1. Hi, Might be able to help. Will be leaving with my daughter on the Sunday night and heading back to Chipping Norton. Won't know for sure until we load up the car tomorrow evening and see how much space there is. Some of the other offers leave a bit later and get you a bit closer though.
  2. It is, which adds to the stress. I liked it when the early birds went on sale early in the morning.
  3. Got mine but it's sold out now. They were having glitches so it was a bit ducking stressful this year.
  4. You should be fine. I always camp in the quiet camping and have seen plenty of people with gazebos etc. Wecome to EOTR. It's one of the best festivals (if not the best festival) I know. Really chilled, friendly and so well curated. Amazing site too. Have a good time!
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