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  1. They will know them for the bill so far but there are a few additions to come and the usual smattering of cancellations
  2. They are comparable in the sense that things could change at very short notice. Despite the UK government and media messaging, the pandemic is very far from over.
  3. Exactly this - they were magical. My first EotR
  4. They released a single four months ago. I really want Angel to reconfirm for next year.
  5. Ah yes, but the website text says ‘The boutique camping area is located near the Folly for 2022’… (sorry JHad, crossed with your reply)
  6. Yes, the usual brilliant Andy’s Loos couldn’t do it. I thought the standins *did* do a good job in the circumstances, but the circumstances were pretty tough and so the standard was nowhere near as high as usual. But then I am an unfussy bloke…
  7. Another positive here, v mild symptoms. Did a couple of Big Top sets
  8. Think CF is already more accurate due to cancellations etc
  9. I am 10 miles from site and there is just a very light breeze
  10. The big top and the teepee? I’ll get my coat.
  11. Why is it? As SweepingtheNation points out, it has no relevance or connection to EotR.
  12. Finishes 4 weeks before EotR, that’s all. Obvs I really hope you are right, but why does who runs it make a difference? It’s not so different to EotR Shirley?
  13. Cambridge Folk Festival cancelled. I can’t help thinking this is bad news
  14. I see Laura Veirs has just announced a full UK tour for October! Not directly related to EotR (shame!) but must be a hopeful sign - this is the first new tour I have seen announced by an overseas artist. Keeping everything firmly crossed
  15. 6 months till the event itself, but of course it doesn’t just happen, it’s a massive logistical exercise. I don’t disagree with your sentiment, but if the last twelve months have taught us anything it must be a) be prepared for things to change at short or no notice (not ideal for an event that takes planning on this scale) and b) ‘monumental fuck up’ is Johnson’s middle name. To add to all the ridiculous ones he already has. I am hopeful it will happen now, but being any more confident than that would be foolhardy I fear.
  16. Ah, so they were. Sorry, I’m a bit overexcited 😄
  17. Sad about Angel Olsen, but otherwise that is an upgrade in every way. Particularly pleased about Perfume Genius and RBCF. And SweepingtheNation, you have missed Chubby & The Gang - how could you??
  18. And, inevitably, it looks perfect...
  19. Yep, I went once completely on my own, having been before with my partner and with friends, and had a fantastic time. People are so friendly that almost anyone is up for a chat if you want it, or you can enjoy the freedom of not pleasing anyone but yourself. There are lots of people there solo. And it is THE BEST festival. Just do it 😀
  20. They have already said they will offer the choice of a refund or rolling over tickets for next year. I’d love it if they could roll over the lineup too as several other festivals have done, but as you say the number of overseas artists, particularly US, makes this look virtually impossible.
  21. Not a representative sample (though no reason why it shouldn’t be), but the half dozen people I attend with will roll over our tickets for next year without a moment’s thought.
  22. Do I have any advance on 2022?? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/14/coronavirus-distancing-continue-until-2022-lockdown-pandemic?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  23. Only one voice, but difficult to disagree with his logic imho https://www.nme.com/news/music/coronavirus-healthcare-expert-predicts-concerts-and-festivals-will-not-return-until-autumn-2021-2645626
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