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  1. Yes please! I thought she was great when she played before a couple of years ago - but her new album is a revelation
  2. Overall, as good as ever. Highlights continue to be sound quality, range of artists, (generally) appreciative/respectful audiences, setting, food & drink. Musical highlights for me were Jarvis, Courtney, Pottery, Tyler Childers, Seazoo, Fontaines, Israel Nash, Harrison Whitford, Stella Donnelly, Kate Tempest. But so many other good things. The quality of performances this year was something else. Minor gripes: more people. 14,000 this year. Not a huge issue but def felt busier. And...that’s it I think. I shall be furiously refreshing my browser (not a euphemism) from 11am tomorrow.
  3. Can I just add my usual appreciation for TeamCampesinos who is always sooo quick off the mark with the clashfinder. Brilliant work, thanks.
  4. Last time they did them (maybe 4 or 5 years ago?) they were fab. No idea why they went back to horrid disposable ones in the interim.
  5. Just as an aside, has everyone seen the Latitude announcement? Headliners are Lana Del Rey, Snow Patrol and George Ezra. And I used to think Latitude was a competitor for EotR....🤣
  6. EotR FB feed talking about four of their ‘absolute favourites’ releasing albums today: James Blake, Deerhunter, Steve Gunn and Sharon van Etten. Personally I can do without James Blake’s wibbling, but the other three would be fab...
  7. I spent more time in the Tipi this year than ever before, because of the lineup, and I couldn’t disagree more. The sound and atmosphere were much improved I thought - while I would agree about people sitting in previous years, most people seemed to stand and pay attention once bands came on this year. I used to avoid the tipi for the reasons you cite. Funny how perceptions can differ!
  8. Yep, me and a few mates always camp in the family area although we are child free. We are early to bed (well relatively) early to rise types generally so a bit of child noise first thing is not a problem at all. It was very peaceful overnight all weekend.
  9. I agree. They did have the reusable system around 5(?) years ago, from when I still have several rather lovely cups, then abandoned it. I complained to them at the time and was told that they reckon the disposable cups are MORE environmentally friendly! Whether or not this is true, I HATE them, they are horrible to drink out of and form about 90% of the litter on site. The year after abandoning the system, they were even refusing to fill reusable mugs that had been brought in. This year I saw several people using their own mugs/cups, so I shall bring my own next year.
  10. OK. So. Tenth year for me. Always worried about commercial encroachment, spoiling what the young people call ‘the vibe’. And my fears were completely unrealised. It is just as special a festival as ever. No branding, no (well, very few, fewer than 2016 I thought) dickheads. The sound was, if anything, better than ever. Garden Stage has always been great but this year - wow. Clear as a bell. Tipi was MUCH better than previously. New tipi: huge improvement. The sound, the space, the shape, the lack of not being able to get in to see what I wanted to see: all good. Standouts? Vampire Weekend were soooo much better than I expected. Not a classic/obvious EotR act, but as a headliner - brilliant. Idles lived up to the hype, Shame (for me) didn’t. Caroline Spence, Erin Rae, Hiss Golden Messenger, Hayley Heynderickx, Anna Burch, White Denim - such a range of great stuff. Roll on 2019!
  11. Couldn’t agree more. Best EotR lineup ever?
  12. I’ve been going for 10 years and I think this is the best announcement EVER! What a lineup. Such quality and variety right through the card. Cannot wait.
  13. Well found pp. So although S&S did stick to their word last year (2010), something made them change their minds this? I wonder what and why? It would be nice if they still talked to us...
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