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  1. ethereal

    Glastonbury 2013

  2. Yeah, they missed a trick not getting them. He said on his website the day before Glasto that he wouldn't be attending this year, still didn't believe it until it didn't happen though.
  3. ethereal

    PJ Harvey

    Now I'm in a quandry as to whether to go to this or End of the Road Anyone know how they compare (outside of the line-ups)?
  4. ethereal

    PJ Harvey

    She's playing Roskilde now which perhaps makes this a little more likely. Haven't read so many rave reviews for a new album in a long time, think she'd draw a big crowd. Good choice for a surprise slot, I'm thinking these are going to be a tad busy this year though following Thom/Jonny's appearance.
  5. ethereal

    Need Ticket

    How can I upgrade to first class with express check-in? Also, what time are the tents cleaned in the morning?
  6. ethereal

    PJ Harvey

    NEW PJ HARVEY ALBUM We are very pleased to confirm that PJ Harvey's 8th studio album ‘Let England Shake’ will be released on the 14.02.2011. The album will be supported by a run of sold out live shows early next year. 2011 will also see Harvey return to the festival-stage, with more details to be announced. PJ Harvey will perform with a live band which includes Mick Harvey, John Parish and Jean-Marc Butty. http://pjharvey.lucidwebs.co.uk/news.asp?newsid=940&year=2010 Emily's a fan I think, plus Polly was involved in the Glastonbury/Oxfam Haiti appeal last year. Maybe a good possibility for this year then with the new album.
  7. ethereal

    The Strokes

    Shadowplay being their other decent track I still have no clue why I missed Iggy at Glasto a few years ago for them Last time to have seen Ron Asheton who is the godfather of every guitarist I like. Think i must have had water on the brain from all that rain.
  8. ethereal

    The Strokes

    Only had the one chance to see the Strokes, at T '04. Had to decline though as they were put above Pixies on the bill, I have my principles
  9. Jimmy Page & Robert Plant '95 Portishead '95 Jeff Buckley '95 Think my next 3 would come from the same year come to think of it
  10. Pixies fan show at London Troxy for me. Most of the reunion has looked like them going through the motions a lot of the time, this was banged out like the days of old.
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