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  1. 1. Drop the tipi tent altogether. Let's be honest, it's not a tipi ? but also, it doesn't work as a closed tent, ridiculously hot and during the day it seems to become more of a sit down area which i think lacks atmosphere. Replace it with a more accessible, better sounding, cooler stage, perhaps back into the gardens where i believe the comedy stage is. 2. No camping chairs at all in the garden stage. I think now it's a bigger festival, when you have a popular act playing in the garden stage, especially in the day, there are way too many people taking up space sitting in chairs. This is a music festival, not a picnic area. A raised kids/parents platform could work, for those who like to put their kids on their shoulders. 3. Similar to the good folks at Frank Water who walk around with their water trolleys, but a few folks from the bars walking around selling cold cans of their ale? Might save a journey to the bar but also quicker for those who have mentioned the waiting time (personally i never waited more than five minutes)
  2. Hi, Just to be clear, i don't care if someone is posh or not. I only mentioned their names as it was relevant to my post. FWIW, I've been to every festival since it started, apart from one three years ago when i was on the other side of the world. It's by far the best festival and my gripes were just that, gripes. The kids shouting you could hear in the quiet area as it was so bloody loud! These particular Parents just need to be a bit more controlling of their children, that was all. No festival is ever perfect but this one comes close. There's just tweeks they could make here and there i think, like a kids and family only, raised standing area, a 'completely no noise' camping area, kids or no kids, just a place with zero noise. The 'quiet' area is not all that quiet. I might just go all out and get myself a bell tent to myself all kitted out, then i just need to carry my alcohol in ? Bring on 2019! I always look forward to the first announcements, around January time
  3. I don't think it's an issue for anyone on here, to have people with kids at a festival. All anyone is saying is that if you do bring your kids, yes we want them to have as good a time as anyone but i don't think it's a lot to ask for them to not stand if front of you with them on their shoulders, completely blocking someone's view. Stand at the back with them on shoulders perhaps? That way, the kids see and so does everyone else. It's great seeing kids have a good time, dancing, face painting etc but there are others there too without kids and asking parents to try and keep the kids noise down at 7 am, I don't think is too much to ask. Perhaps there could be a kids/parents raised section like they do for wheelchair users, so parents and children can have a place to themselves? It's almost the perfect festival but i think with one or two tweeks here and there, it could be absolutely THE perfect festival
  4. The Good The Weather - Makes such a difference been able to sit down anywhere and also creates a happier vibe. The Weather Station - Been a fan quite a while and this was the first time seeing them. Thought they were just incredible. Daniel Blumberg - Dark as f*ck, loved every second Feist - Thought she was superb, MUCH better than i was expecting Idles - A good slap in the face and slagging off the tories. Perfect! Liminanas - Kind of a less messy Brian Jonestown. No talking, just played loud and fast (mostly) and were a real highlight for me Caroline Spence - Gonna go far, along with Erin Rae. Soothing voices were perfect for the midday early start Ezra Furman - Always a delight. Love the shyness mixed with the politics and the sheer determination to keep going. Brilliant. Jeff Tweedy - Not a huge Wilco fan but thought the songs were better solo! Really good. The Bars - Have to say, i was buying ale at £4.50 a pint which i thought was terrific value for a festival, so not sure where the £6 a pint etc is coming from, and the food was incredible, especially for us vegans. The south Indian Curry place was another world of greatness, such lovely people and the food was exceptional and also VERY good value. Those Bhajis! But i had great food from the Tibetan place too, which kindly gave out free food late on Sunday as they didn't want to chuck it (they do it every year, so there's a handy tip for you) vegan junk food too, oh loads! The Not So Good Ok, so i camped in the family camping, as i do every year (I've been to every one) and apart from the odd child crying, which i would expect, never had any problems at all. This year was dreadful. A posh family whose children's names were Buster, Ernie, Esra and Roscoe, were up at 6.30/7am EVERY morning literally talking incessantly about ANYTHING! Roscoe, come back ROSCOE COME BACK, COME AND WATCH THE GRASS GROW! Ernie! ERNIE, Look there's a plane, lets make the sound the plane makes! ROSCOE! COME BACK ROSCOE! ROSCOE, LETS PLAY CLINK THE PANS TOGETHER WHILE YOU SHOUT' LET'S MAKE BEANS!' LET'S MAKE BEANS!' Now, i understand kids make noise but there were loads of other family's there and i didn't hear a squeak from them but I don't blame the kids, i blame their parents who not ONCE asked them to keep it down as people (and other families) were sleeping, not once. In fact, they encouraged them to shout and play. It was quite incredible, not even sure they EVER went to see any music, just camped in a field pissing everyone off. I hope you're reading this because let me tell you, you were hated by everyone around you, even others with kids. TALKING - Not as bad for me this year, although enough to still get irked at times. DAMIEN JURADO - Doubt they'll book him again. That's twice, possibly even three times he's pulled out now, no reason given, just, not playing. Other Euro dates are still on his website, so not sure what went on there. LITTER - A biggie this year. SO much crap just thrown on the ground, beer cans, plastic cups, paper. Just clear your shit up people! Stewarding - Firstly, they volunteer and massive plaudits for that but whoever is managing them needs to have a look at what they're doing. The one in one out for the big top was sometimes just plain stupid, especially when it was only 3/4 full. I like the idea of stewards being in the tipi/big top and perhaps walkie talkie or usher people forward etc, there was none of that. People sitting down in ALL stages when it was busy needs more stewarding and told to remove their chairs as they take up a LOT of room, especially in the Tipi tent. See ya next year!
  5. Caroline Spence is GREAT! if you like early Emmylou Harris, then you will like Caroline. She's on a UK tour right now too.
  6. No shuttle buses. If you bring more, there is a trolley service that is only £5 for half hour, and holds loads of stuff.
  7. Cheers, found this one too. https://cdn2.thelineofbestfit.com/various/EOTR-CLASHFINDER-2017-1page.pdf
  8. Does anyone know if Julie Byrne is still playing? She's not on the clash finder, I'd like to see her.
  9. Ah, right.I wasnt there last year, so unsure.
  10. If you mean the TBA in the Tipi tent, It's usually someone who has played earlier in the day. Word gets around pretty quickly.
  11. Can anyone tell me an easy way to save the clashfinder to my phone? (Dont have a printer) If not, I'll go to a post office and print one. Cheers.
  12. Thanks, both! I missed last year as was in New Zealand, first time I missed it, been to all others. Getting pretty excited now, i think the line up this year is brilliant, a good mix for the oldies like me and some good young bands to check out. Thanks again.
  13. Bill Callahan Lucinda Williams Slowdive Band of Horses Lemon Twigs Nadine Shah Bill Ryder Jones Ryley Walker Courtney Marie Andrews Timber Timbre Daniel Romano John Smith Michael Chapman Nap Eyes (Probably these more than anyone) Aaron Lee Tasjan John Moreland WH lung Some will no doubt clash. Also, hoping to check out some bands I've never heard and wont listen before hand, looking for someone to blow my mind on first listen. There's always at least one.
  14. Hi, Normally around this time, someone puts together a clashfinder document, to print off. It's really handy to have wandering around (although I know there is normally a big board near rough trade store with the days times) I prefer to just have something in my pocket. Cheers
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