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  1. 1. Drop the tipi tent altogether. Let's be honest, it's not a tipi ? but also, it doesn't work as a closed tent, ridiculously hot and during the day it seems to become more of a sit down area which i think lacks atmosphere. Replace it with a more accessible, better sounding, cooler stage, perhaps back into the gardens where i believe the comedy stage is. 2. No camping chairs at all in the garden stage. I think now it's a bigger festival, when you have a popular act playing in the garden stage, especially in the day, there are way too many people taking up space sitting in chairs. This is
  2. Hi, Just to be clear, i don't care if someone is posh or not. I only mentioned their names as it was relevant to my post. FWIW, I've been to every festival since it started, apart from one three years ago when i was on the other side of the world. It's by far the best festival and my gripes were just that, gripes. The kids shouting you could hear in the quiet area as it was so bloody loud! These particular Parents just need to be a bit more controlling of their children, that was all. No festival is ever perfect but this one comes close. There's just tweeks they could make here and there
  3. I don't think it's an issue for anyone on here, to have people with kids at a festival. All anyone is saying is that if you do bring your kids, yes we want them to have as good a time as anyone but i don't think it's a lot to ask for them to not stand if front of you with them on their shoulders, completely blocking someone's view. Stand at the back with them on shoulders perhaps? That way, the kids see and so does everyone else. It's great seeing kids have a good time, dancing, face painting etc but there are others there too without kids and asking parents to try and keep the kids noise down
  4. The Good The Weather - Makes such a difference been able to sit down anywhere and also creates a happier vibe. The Weather Station - Been a fan quite a while and this was the first time seeing them. Thought they were just incredible. Daniel Blumberg - Dark as f*ck, loved every second Feist - Thought she was superb, MUCH better than i was expecting Idles - A good slap in the face and slagging off the tories. Perfect! Liminanas - Kind of a less messy Brian Jonestown. No talking, just played loud and fast (mostly) and were a real highlight for me Caroline Spence
  5. Caroline Spence is GREAT! if you like early Emmylou Harris, then you will like Caroline. She's on a UK tour right now too.
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