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  1. rhubarb

    Lesser known band suggestions

    Trampolene saw them a while back and walked out, singer was far too fucked on all sorts to be entertaining but album is really good and supported LG on his tour will def give them another shot only listened to one song before but liked control of the going - she
  2. rhubarb

    Radio X

    Catfish and libs were expected by quite a few and they are ok headliners for the size of the fest but after run doc at isle of White last year I would of thought no one would of touched them! A Weller,LG or Ashcroft would of been good for the sat slot and would have turned the lineup round Kendal is always old indie filler with a good selection of new acts, people shouldn’t expect anything too inventive with it. Genuinely think it was one top headliner away from being a decent Kendal lineup
  3. rhubarb

    Radio X

    I suspect whichever festival might be announcing at 7pm White Lies will be announced as part of it....according to their twitter Any other festivals being announced tonight??
  4. rhubarb

    Line up prediction game 2018

    I know people are sure there will be no Liam Gallagher but is there any possibility in an agreement between Parklife and Kendal not to announce until their tickets go on sale, hence no announcement yet?? or is that me just grabbing at straws Would like a royal blood/ vampire weekend/ richard ashcroft/ ocean colour scene/ shed 7/ Liam G or chic combo for headliners please or as a totally fantasy addition Jack White!
  5. rhubarb

    Who would you like to headline in 2018

    My headliner guess would be; Thurs - shed seven fri - catfish & the bottlemen sat - Nile Rogers & Chic or the Libertines sun - Liam Gallagher
  6. rhubarb

    Rock Werchter 2017

    a little bit of help please. I have been on the hunt for hive camping tickets for a while, a few weeks ago managed to grab one on ticketswap and then today managed to get another, the first one said general admission 27euro but the one i got today said pakket tent voor 2 (tent package for 2) 47euro, does this ticket admit 2 people? if not what is the difference? any help would be appreciated, thanks
  7. rhubarb

    Rock Werchter 2017 Loner Camp Chat

    Hi i'm Ant, coming from Manchester on wednesday with my wife, a night in brussels and then train on thursday morning. Totally messed up with my camping tickets and only brought 1 ticket to the hive desperate for another so if anybody knows of a spare please send it my way! First timers but cant wait!
  8. rhubarb

    Festival Number 6 - Portmeirion, Wales

    hoping for any of frank turner, jamiroquai, orbital, blossoms, royal blood, catfish & the bottlemen plus a hacienda classicals or ibiza classicals would be cool too
  9. rhubarb

    Rock Werchter 2017

    Just booked flights and tickets for my first Werchter can't wait, not too fussed who gets announced tomorrow just want some descents band for throughout the day. i will go with Kraftwork after radiohead