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  1. This. Glastonbury mud is a completely different kettle of fish. Although it rained pretty damn heavily on Saturday, at no point did the mud ever become unmanageable, for me. This was my first Latitude - despite living in Suffolk, I've never actually managed to get there! I blagged a ticket at 10.30pm on Wednesday night as some friends were performing, so I had to dress as an alien and do a bit of dancing in The Film and Music Tent on Sunday night in lieu of said ticket. GREAT FUN! LOVED They Might Be Giants, wasn't expecting much so I was pleasantly surprised. OMD were brilliant, loved Caribou (missed him/them at Glasto) Paloma Faith was great, the Pump Up The Volume vs Horsemeat Disco was an aural treat, but Rubberbandits were a HUGE highlight for me. Loo's were like no other festival toilets I've ever used, though I did use the backstage ones a fair bit too. LOTS of children, more than I've seen at any other festival too, and an awful lot of 12-14 year olds running around in groups unsupervised which I must say, surprised me. Also LOTS of camping chairs/blankets at the FRONT of the tents - I even saw one woman with a tiny baby, in a buggy, at the front of The Word tent, directly in front of the speakers. I didn't feel the same friendly vibe as there is at Glasto, everyone seemed to be doing their own thing and not really getting involved with each other, but I had a blast, and did manage to get a couple of randomers to have a dance with me. All in all, a great weekend, some good stuff to see and listen to and I'd definitely go again.
  2. Hello from a warmish suffolk :)

  3. 'ello from (not-so-sunny) Suffolk!


  4. Hey Steve, nope, not long now - can't come quick enough for me!

  5. Hey Heidi, not long to go now!!!

  6. Hi back at ya fellow BSE'er.

    Sent you a message earlier ( i think!!)

  7. Hey! Just saw you're from Bury - me too ;o) Thought I'd drop and and say hi!

  8. Hey!

    I joined your faceache group yesterday, and thought I'd add you as a friend here too. Thanks for all your hard work, I think I'm not alone in saying it's greatly appreciated.

    Take care & hope to see you in the sunshine in June 2011!



  9. Clockwork Purple - I have a photo of the chairs for sale sign too
  10. Frogger_Queen

    Reading Various Years

    Reading shenanigans....
  11. Hey!

    Was looking through some old posts (2003) reminiscing, and discovered you'd done our limbo with us...It was my first Reading and I had the BEST time ever.

    Just wanted to drop by and say hi and roll on August 2008!



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