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  1. MrPink

    Biggest Surprises

    Great show that, they sounded fantastic. Saw them a few months ago when they were about to drop the new album and they have gotten significantly tighter as a live act since then.
  2. Surely RTJ 4? Would have thought that makes them pretty much nailed on for 2020. Could they headline a stage?
  3. MrPink

    drugs - stay safe

    You can get testing kits pretty easily online.
  4. Haelos on friday at 18:00. Got a synthy, XX kind of sound. Saw them earlier this year and they sounded great live.
  5. MrPink

    Your 5 Must Sees

    As it stands: Kate Tempest Jade Bird Christine Killers Kylie
  6. Georgia up on the park stage. One that hasn't been announced yet but I'm convinced will be on the full lineup drop are Elder Island. Band from Bristol that's just released their first album with no other shows on around 'bury. Surely nailed on to be there? Been listening to them on repeat all year.
  7. Didn't propose there but I've seen a couple. First one was at the stone circle on the wednesday night. They guy organised some kind of flash mob/he had a decent group of people that coordinated the thing. Was alright. Second one actually stole my idea. Was with my now fiance right at the top of the Park hill. about 10-20 metres from the fence. Was at sunset on a glorious day, not too many people up there. Looked like the guy had packed a picnic. At the time I was just thinking to myself that this would be a perfect place to propose. Just as that thought finished the girl started squealing in delight. I would advise something akin to the second one. There were very few people (maybe 3-4 others) at the top of the hill and gave the couple a phenomenal view and time to themselves.
  8. MrPink

    Bloc Party

    Are just a band
  9. MrPink


    My other half snores a lot so I use earplugs every night. Get the silicone ones from boots, they really work well.
  10. MrPink

    Overheard funnies

    Indeed. Indian is just fast Welsh. Knew a guy who had an Indian mother and Welsh father, it's uncanny how similar they sound.
  11. Big fan of both albums and saw her at the park in 15 (Saw Halsey this year as I hadn't seen her before). She was amazing two years ago and looked amazing on the coverage when I watched it back. I describe her musis as the most accurate social commentaary out there. Read her book, it's really good. Impressively, she went 41 minutes without acknowledging the crowd between songs. Just went from one straight into the other. I didn't see her taking a drink on the footage. Impressive stamina.
  12. MrPink


    Looks good. Would love for About Your Dress to works its way in there tomorrow.
  13. MrPink


    Very quickly becoming a must see for me. New album dropped today, pretty happy on first listen. Strangers is the standout so far. Thoughts?
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