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  1. Supposedly Prince had signed but was worried he’d get the same reaction Kanye got so pulled.
  2. It’s on the Primavera website. Was announced a few weeks ago. A Hollywood version and also another version with an image that is clearly the London Eye. and primavera Benidorm too. https://www.primaverasound.com/
  3. The BNP got their most ever votes in this country after Griffin appeared on Question Time. The marketplace of ideas shite is fairytale bollocks that puts people at risk. The success of the anti Tommy Robinson electoral campaign didn’t hinge on debating him, because as shown by people like him and Trump, it just doesn’t work. It hinges on actual activism and prevention.
  4. That Tyler gig is now Tyler, Jaden Smith, Blood Orange and Gold Link. Probably worth knocking on 60 notes.
  5. Janet Jackson, possibly Foals, Jimothy Lacoste, Artwork Miley, Loyle Carner, Roy Ayers, Stefflon Don, Inner City Dave, Vampire Weekend, Friendly Fires.
  6. Two Door and Snow Patrol are from the same place which is why they agreed to it.
  7. It’s incredibly rare for an act to headline Pyramid after headlining Other and I can’t see them going for it.
  8. The Kooks are playing a warm up gig in Oxford on the Friday of glasto. Doesn’t expand on what it’s a warm up for.
  9. MC Pinty - released one of the releases of the year on Rhythm Section, garagey rnb Streets esque - seemingly self confirmed on Instagram.
  10. Not sure if you’re joking or not, but he’s been doing stuff at the festival for several years, normally multiple pieces each year.
  11. Anyone know what happened with the licence review?
  12. Other than the past three consecutive years they’ve failed to win it under him you mean?
  13. Think a few people might have missed this re Macca
  14. Going to very surprised and disappointed if we don’t get Dave and Octavian.
  15. Someone said in another thread, the Shangri La announcement was at 8pm last time, so you might have a wait.
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