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  1. This, but also... Me and the missus got married not long after Glastonbury that year. A friend of mine is a dance teacher, and was volunteered into giving us some desperately-needed first dance lessons during the festival. After the Flaming Lips had finished their stunning Park set, our first dance song (Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World) started to play over the PA, and we decided to get in a bit of practice as the crowd dispersed. As we were dancing I was a bit lost in the moment, but became aware that a few randoms had started to dance in a ring around us, which got bigger as more and more people joined in, until we were in the middle of a huge circle of grinning people, all on a high from the Flaming Lips (and possibly other things).
  2. I missed out in 2016 and Brexit happened
  3. Can probably rule out Damon and Gruff
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