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  1. I’m just really sorry for some of the amazing traders, some of them are just so talented and make Glastonbury, Glastonbury! To the Eavis’, I just hope that cancelling it, won’t set them back financially and there can be future festivals. I haven’t got a ticket, and obviously my bias opinion is, that it’s not the right thing to carry tickets on, you buy tickets for 2020, not 2021. I’ve been unfortunate enough to miss Glastonbury for the past couple of years, so I’d be somewhat disappointed if I couldn’t try again come October. But the reality is, people are dying, starving and people are losing their jobs due to COVID-19, and what happens with tickets isn’t a massive thing to me. However, if I’m lucky enough To get a ticket again or in 2021, I just hope some of the amazing independent traders who make Glastonbury amazing will still be there, and this virus isn’t going to hurt their business 🤞🏽
  2. Bobs

    Resale Club 2019

    Can't believe i'm in the resale club
  3. Bobs

    2019 Headliners

    Which is a shame. I'm 26, I can't sing... full stop. He's 76, been doing it for 58 years if not longer! He'll be 77, he's not going to sound like it's 1969, but he's still a legend, and people can't moan about Stormzy, yet slate them for Macca, what do they want?
  4. Bobs

    2019 Headliners

    Macca at Glastonbury. I think we all need to forget 04, and appreciate one of the rock legends returning to the field, and it'll be bloody special.
  5. Met him in the park about 4-5 years ago, when they did the show in the Park. I was like "Jarvis Jarvis", and he was really quite lovely, asked if I went to the show, and if so did I enjoy it. Was I having a good festival. Then, asked if I could have a photo, forgetting that I was absolutely steaming, and I had a "Festival" phone, which had no camera But a Lovely bloke. I see the topic strayed off, but Oh well!
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