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  1. Bobs

    Resale Club 2019

    Can't believe i'm in the resale club
  2. Bobs

    2019 Headliners

    Which is a shame. I'm 26, I can't sing... full stop. He's 76, been doing it for 58 years if not longer! He'll be 77, he's not going to sound like it's 1969, but he's still a legend, and people can't moan about Stormzy, yet slate them for Macca, what do they want?
  3. Bobs

    2019 Headliners

    Macca at Glastonbury. I think we all need to forget 04, and appreciate one of the rock legends returning to the field, and it'll be bloody special.
  4. Met him in the park about 4-5 years ago, when they did the show in the Park. I was like "Jarvis Jarvis", and he was really quite lovely, asked if I went to the show, and if so did I enjoy it. Was I having a good festival. Then, asked if I could have a photo, forgetting that I was absolutely steaming, and I had a "Festival" phone, which had no camera But a Lovely bloke. I see the topic strayed off, but Oh well!
  5. I can't believe how much i've sloped off going to gigs at the moment. I just haven't had time for them in ages. Saw Enter Shikari in Glasgow on Thursday, and i've got Wolf Alice coming up, that aside, apart for the Roses, Springsteen and the Manics, i've got nothing. So unlike Bobby Circa 2-3 years ago.
  6. Bobs

    Secret resales 2015

    You're a top bloke mate. You've helped so many get tickets, it's normal some will be angry if they missed out, but you've done your bit, nothing more you can do, and for what it's worth, your bit was brilliant. You'll be getting a load of beer coming your way i imagine!
  7. Bobs

    Secret resales 2015

    Without trying to sound like too much of a windup. Is it not £232.50 the final balance?
  8. Bobs

    Secret resales 2015

    I think they'll just refund your ticket. Only in extreme circumstances do they let others off.
  9. Slipknot at the Echo was amazing. £20 tickets is things dreams are made of. Got Frank Turner at Night and Day, Manchester on Wednesday, gonna be pretty fucking amazing!
  10. Neil Young - 13th July - Echo Arena, Liverpool Courteeners - 15th July - The 100 Club, London Andrew W.K. - 31st July - East Village Arts Club, Liverpool Y Not Festival - 1-3rd August - Derby Fat White Family - 18th August - The Kazimier, Liverpool Random Hand - 26th September - District, Liverpool The Horrors - 27th September - Albert Hall, Manchester Klaxons - 28th October - Manchester Academy 3 Beans on Toast - 28th November - Shipping Forecast, Liverpool Depending on finances, i'll definitely be going for Earth, Wind and Fire, James and a few more
  11. They weren't bad at all (Arctics), but they're a good solid act, but let themselves down with the huge lack of creativity. There isn't a lot of stage presence, which is perfectly fine, but when you're forking out £65 for a ticket, I expect some thrills and spills as opposed to a near enough identi-setlist from their arena your late last year. I don't think the 'extreme' flavour of the moment thing, and the subsequent 'fans', do anything for the atmosphere, nor did the weather. But for £65 I could get, 3-hours of Amazing Springsteen action, and that's far better value. On Thursday, I'm going to see the Stones in Lisbon, that cost £50, and has a cracking undercard of Gary Clark Jr. And more! Just think, it's taking the fans a bit for granted tbh!
  12. Bobs

    Kasabian 2014

    I've loved seeing Kasabian in the past, they're tremendous live. That said, I think they've become the most boring, yet obnoxious people over the last year, what with their giant upside down 'Black Pudding'projections, lyrics, and new songs, they've just producing dirge here. My all accounts I'll probably see them, as I love the older stuff, and despite the fact I may have to try and read something like 'Treacle Tart' upside down, they do put on a good live show.
  13. Well i've just been confirmed for a PGCE in Secondary Geography today, so i'm pretty fucking hyped. Downside... No more Glasto.
  14. Bobs

    Foo Fighters

    Was extremely boredbythem at leeds in 2012, 3hrs was just too much for, whati can only describe myself as a 'partial' fan, I think in terms of the 'heavy', Metallica will certainly pulls crowds in through sheer integrity, as well as the usual draws IMO. A lot of people will be wondering if they'll do a job or not, but two bands of the same style, when otherwise previously untested, well, I'm not sure!
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