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  1. The Louisiana is great, essentially a glorified living room, and yet they've had Chemical Brothers, The National, Coldplay, Muse, etc play there.
  2. That's a pretty damn strong lineup imo.
  3. Call me Poirot, but I have a feeling the next song Tweeted might contain the word by/bye.
  4. As I'm being too lazy to consult the thingy, wouldn't this be particularly early for the first poster?
  5. EamerRed

    2019 Headliners

    The lesser known Smiths b-side.
  6. Yeah Powell and Rowntree were there last year, it absolutely doesn't mean Blur and Libertines are playing! Wasn't a huge fan of Casablanca myself, it was dead when we went there. I wasn't drunk at all at Buddha either and it was bloody expensive, but I'd imagine if you're a fan of getting 'off your nut' so to speak, then Buddha would be particularly good.
  7. I've only just got into them, can't believe I've missed out all this time. Hooked already, shame about your Glasto observations though!
  8. Any thoughts about Black Rebel Motorcycle Club? Touring Europe in May and June and their tour currently ends 19th June.
  9. EamerRed

    Other Stage

    You won't get any loving for them on here but I agree. Their setlists are great for festivals if you haven't already pre-decided that you hate them.
  10. Skipped on them at both 2009 (because they clashed with Blur) and Plymouth back in December, purely because they're one of those bands I thought I could see at any old time. Stupid stupid decision. RIP Keith, lived fast and died young, but what a life.
  11. Weren't The Prodigy rumoured? Well Keith Flint has apparently passed away 😞
  12. EamerRed

    Other Stage

    It’s more than just those bands. Put it this way. If every member on here bitched about the bands they were above as much as you, we'd basically have no forum. And I don't even really like Catfish. For a pretty liberal forum where 90% of the people are clearly pretty sound, discussing a festival that represents kindness and acceptance and all that other malarkey, the amount people get shot down on here for liking a non-pre-approved band is ridiculous. Anyways. As you were.
  13. EamerRed

    Other Stage

    Do you actually like music Hugh Jass? Or do you just continually turn your nose up at every indie band ever mentioned? I don't mean to be rude mate, we get that they're not all popular on here but some of us do like it and it gets so bloody tiresome.
  14. EamerRed

    2019 Headliners

    Couldn't you say the same about Blossoms? Their crowd was pretty damn big - you can't always read into crowd sizes.
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