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  1. £72 standing. Up to £95ish for non-VIP seats
  2. Ashton Gate tickets bought!
  3. That has to be for a day ticket surely...
  4. From what I can gather the negotiations have been going on for months, but from the tone of it it seems that there may be struggles, and/or they may have expected them to be done by now.
  5. Is it worth hanging around today for us UK folk?
  6. There's building hype and then there's being plain irritating.
  7. Shy FX is at Motion that night, though could play both.
  8. EamerRed

    Tame Impala

    It's a 👍 from me. For some reason I find the second half of it way better than the first, particularly with the sirens.
  9. Something coming today? https://www.instagram.com/p/B33zm67Iuu-/
  10. Not long been told Ian Brown is 100% playing this. No idea what level on the bill of course.
  11. Yep correct it's not throttling, I'm not sure what the exact term for it is but you get the gist. In my mind, parsonjack's write-up is inconsistent with that view - surely it's not device dependent but network dependent? If it's IP restricted, then are we saying anyone who lives in a small block of flats, anyone who is sharing the same WiFi connection in some sort of campus and anyone working in a small office only has one 'real' chance of getting through? I'd be amazed if it's been set up like that purely because of that problem. I'm not trying to cause a feud here, no need for the aggression. A network engineer above agrees with my logic. I've read parsonjack's test regarding the load balancer sending you to different servers, which is 100% exactly how it will be working at SeeTickets, but I'm not sure I agree on the conclusion. Great though the test is and is far more than I've done, and he/she clearly knows more than me! That doesn't mean I can't point out perceived flaws in the logic and if they can show me where I'm wrong then that's even better. Another thing to throw into the mix is the fact that anecdotal evidence suggests those tethering from mobile networks have had more success. This goes against the logic that the more devices at a single IP address = less of a chance, as absolutely loads of people will be sharing the same IP in this scenario. I'd say we all are 100% in agreement in multiple devices on as many different Internet connections as possible seems to be the safest route. I.e. laptop on home network + different laptop on work network + different laptop tethering from mobile, etc. Fact is, none of us have a facking clue!
  12. The problem with your posts in the last couple of pages mate is that you're assuming that the connections are throttled by IP in some way. Just because multiple devices come from the same IP don't necessarily mean they will have the same treatment regarding refreshing. In fact I'd argue they probably won't! Imagine what it's like in larger buildings with multiple occupants sharing the same Internet, or people in an office all trying for tickets? There's no way there's only room for one of them purely because they're sharing the same IP. I'd imagine it would be throttled by session. Which would mean multiple tabs on the same browser are useless but multiple (different) browsers aren't. Much in the same way as if you're logged into Facebook on Firefox, if you open a new tab, you'll still be logged in in the same session. But then if you open up Chrome and login, that would be a different session. Incognito would also count as a different session. So I'd (personally) change your answers to 'Yes, multiple browsers could be worth it, Yes and Yes'. I am a web developer, but of course I've only skim-read so if there is anything that has piped up suggesting I'm wrong I'll happily back down.
  13. EamerRed

    2020 headliners

    I know we all live in our own separate worlds, and to make it clear, it's never perfectly aligned with talent, etc, but in my mind The 1975 are in a different stratosphere size-wise compared to Foals.
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