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  1. I so hope this gets announced soon and getting tickets is actually feasible. The thought of being in that field again this year is getting me all giddy ☹️
  2. Any chance of more names being added do we think or is this it? Not that it’s bad as it stands!
  3. Also in fairness, I downvoted it on a whim, I don't even love the Wombats! - the only reason this got brought up was because someone else challenged it. I wouldn't have exactly come out with all this if they hadn't done so. I'm glad at least one other person feels the same way, but also, I'm definitely guilty of music snobbery myself on certain bands, I'm sure we all are. It just happened so ridiculously often, literally every mention of certain acts - if this is a music forum where people come to discuss their faves, then a bit of poking fun is gonna happen, but I have to disagree with the bit in bold because that just doesn't happen. Having certain ones 'banned' from discussion without a pile on about how shit they are - well then you're going to exclude people. Anyways last I'll mention of it - I wish I hadn't bitten and I've genuinely enjoyed your other posts outside of this tragic little bugbear of mine 🍻
  4. I remember having a few posts in a row basically rubbished purely for liking the 'wrong' bands a few years ago, a couple of those by yourself - didn't exactly feel the most welcome so only visited intermittently since. I know everyone does it with the likes of Coldplay to be fair but I couldn't go any topic mentioning certain bands without seeing you making a point of posting and turning your nose up at it. Seeing that just made me bite a bit. Apologies on my part, a bit daft looking back at it now. On a related note... open goal for you up there ^^^ 😬
  5. That wasn't specifically to do with that band. Just think constantly belittling bands who are infinitely more successful than certain posters will ever be, along with their fans, is tedious, exclusive and boring. I was far more active years ago and it happened then, if anyone dared talk about certain acts. Not exactly a welcoming place in those instances, it's just music snobbery.
  6. Yep, not exactly music to blow the world away but they're a very fun band live. Caught them a couple of times at festivals. I can see why people like 'em.
  7. I'm guessing there is no way of buying a re-run of this from GF online then? Aside from the BBC film coming up of course. I couldn't watch it at all this weekend but it looks fantastic. That Melancholy Hill clip is just lovely.
  8. Random q - it says online that the campsite closes at 1am each night. Presumably that means no re-entry after then? Or does it mean it’s just not manned then or something like that? Basically trying to work out if going to bars post-gig is feasible, or if we’d be locked out of the campsite.
  9. Exactly what we wanted to hear! Cheers
  10. We're thinking of going this year, never really heard of it until very recently but it looks really good. The website says it's a 30-40 min bus journey each way to/from the campsite - is that really the case? Google Maps tells me about 15 mins so I was a bit unsure. Does the campsite have a relatively decent atmosphere after it all finishes or is it very much done by midnight?
  11. Sorry to be a pain guys but to save trawling through loads of pages, is there any evidence as to what this is? Do we think this is a beefed up Pilton Party? Or a small festival event? A bit of both? Or do we not know?
  12. I'm fully onboard the excitement now. Boomtown has a great chance of happening this year imo.
  13. Is that a thinly veiled 'you'll hear more either way in the spring' for suppliers/workers, or am I reading too much into it?
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