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  1. I remember the Foo Fighters thread, and convinced a mate of mine to come down with me, thinking there was barely a chance of it being true. He bailed last minute and then so did, still fuming to this day! I'm sure a few eFesters just rocked up on the off chance and actually got in if I remember correctly.
  2. Do you know mate? Are we talking Foo Fighters level of size again?!
  3. I think he's spot on. Pulp headlined not that long ago and they were well old too!
  4. Which one is this? Can't see it anywhere.
  5. Might not be everyone's thing here, but just noticed Sticky Fingers are in the Netherlands and Spain in early July, got to be a possibility? Although I've always associated them more with Boomtown for some reason.
  6. £72 standing. Up to £95ish for non-VIP seats
  7. Ashton Gate tickets bought!
  8. That has to be for a day ticket surely...
  9. From what I can gather the negotiations have been going on for months, but from the tone of it it seems that there may be struggles, and/or they may have expected them to be done by now.
  10. Is it worth hanging around today for us UK folk?
  11. There's building hype and then there's being plain irritating.
  12. Shy FX is at Motion that night, though could play both.
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