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  1. That’s a hell of a goal difference swing between Wigan and Hull on the edge of relegation zone
  2. He had a neutral ticket yes As for the rest, people are chipping in because you have been making jibes about other clubs. Well that’s why I jumped in: about you moaning about being called small and oil tainted when you were using a tragedy for point scoring the other day. And I’ve seen woeful comments this season on twitter and boards elsewhere where City fans have been poor losers. Resorting to these sort of points and Hillsborough jibes. And I think it’s poor form from anyone from any side. That’s all.
  3. I think FFP is flawed but also I think if there’s no limits the alternative isn’t some utopia world where everybody can compete. It’s just City probably become something akin to our PSG. A competitive solution will be hard to find with all the vested interests at home and abroad.
  4. I think your Heysel comments last week for point scoring were childish. My dad was in that end and escaped. So jog on with taking offence to being called bitter and deluded! As for tiny and oil doped - both those things are true really aren’t they? Even with more than a decade of oil money to boost you into relevance I still don’t care if City win the CL but would hate United to get their hands on a Community Shield (which is officially a friendly by the way even though City try and include it in ‘quadruples’) Says it all. Not close to the biggest club in your own city.
  5. I don’t think them doing the Other Stage would be out of the question. And they’d nail that.
  6. Is amazing how many City fans have started caring about Heysel since Liverpool were challenging for the league.
  7. Yeah he’s done enough one-off big occasions before. And it seemed those dates were booked in after he agreeD to do Glastonbury as they had the opportunity to do more and get some more money The dates being renewed would have meant he was 100% in, so it is a blow, but don’t think it’s confirmation he’s out.
  8. Surely the festival would send you an email saying the refund had been cancelled anyway? Then you could query it.
  9. There’s not a huge pressing need to let a council know really. It doesn’t impact on the organisation of the event. You’d tell the acts and suppliers first I think. And they’re a close family clearly. I’m surprised it’s on social media but the council not knowing is a red herring. They may well be informing them tomorrow.
  10. Have also heard yesterdah from same source who gave Royal Blood info (which @eFestivals seemed to also have) that some of the bands that were waiting for confirmation on smaller stages had been put ‘on hold’. That said putting people on hold may just be common sense!
  11. I run events and if we were cancelling the last person I’d tell would be the county council.
  12. Someone hacking a not very well known daughter of the festival organiser seems... a leap
  13. I think it’s fair to put some faith in Juliet Eavis. The screenshot the user posted contains the bottom of her genuine Facebook profile pic too
  14. strummer77

    Other Stage 2020

    It would be v v surprising if they weren’t as the info ruling them out of Friday places them at the festival later on. And the info is sound.
  15. strummer77

    Other Stage 2020

    Royal Blood don’t look like Friday Unless something changes (wont say why but believe Neil has the same info)
  16. strummer77

    Other Stage 2020

    Sounds good info certainly looks like they are playing, just won't be on the farm Friday evening. No idea on what slot they would be playing after that.
  17. strummer77

    Kendrick Lamar

    What’s been said in that thread? All the last few pages seems to be about that virus
  18. The three week bit was a complete guess by a former leader of the council. Let's not run with it as gospel.
  19. strummer77

    Other Stage 2020

    It's definitely not Friday at the moment. But it looks certain they'll be there. Probably the same info as heard it yesterday but can send you it if it helps it check out.
  20. strummer77

    Foo Fighters

    They did do the Cheese and Grain thing to be fair
  21. Weren't James on the Other Stage and delayed because of the rain? Sure I watched Albarn and the Syrian Orchestra and then popped over and they were just starting.
  22. Have I missed something, because I am sure the festival have denied this? Saw this in the Evening Post Glastonbury Festival told Bristol Live there are 'no plans' for an all-female lineup on the Pyramid Stage. A spokesperson said: "Although the two acts we’ve announced for Sunday so far are obviously female - Taylor Swift and Diana Ross - there are no plans for Sunday’s Pyramid line-up to be entirely made up of female acts."
  23. This was the one I had in mind. But happens loads anyway, and at the end of the day what matters is the sound in the field.
  24. People are still enjoying his concerts and those who attend always seem to be overwhelmingly positive. So yes, still a headliner. My bet is it won’t come over fantastically on telly With the mixes but that there, it will sound fine.
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