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  1. Hey, I was hoping someone would have some recommendations for somewhere to stay on Tuesday night. There are 7 of us travelling down from the North East on the Tuesday, and we're looking for somewhere to stay fairly close by the night before. Hopefully somewhere en route. We don't mind travelling an hour or so the next morning, we just don't want a 6/7 hour drive straight to site! Any recommendations?
  2. lacney


    God the Berghain rejection still haunts me to this day. Queued for three hours for the bouncer to just shake his head at me. Managed to get into Tresor though and saw Magic Mountain High who were unbelievable, so all was not lost! I'm going back to Berlin in a few weeks so I'll take some of these bar/club suggestions on board. I can feel myself being lured back towards the Berghain but I don't think I can handle the inevitable rejection
  3. lacney


    I’ve only been once as I’m not from the area. I went to see Move D a couple of years ago and loved the place. I’m looking forward to this more than Christmas!
  4. lacney


    I’m going to Hidden in Manchester to see Gerd on the 27th. Really looking forward to a dance. It’s been a while!
  5. lacney

    2020 headliners

    That TITP line up was strong like! Feels like they set the bar so high that they couldn't top it in future years.
  6. You put a 'group name' in the booking, so that if you put both tents on the same group name then they will be allocated together.
  7. The Octopad was the same price as the 8 man scout last year. So I'm guessing it will be £1150 this year.
  8. Worthy View prices are up https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/accommodation/worthy-view-pre-erected-camping/tent-types-and-prices/
  9. lacney


    WHP are announcing their NYD line up tomorrow at midday. For those that have been to a show already this season, you can also get £10 tickets for the next 48 hours. Normally they put on a decent line up on NYD!
  10. lacney

    2020 headliners

    RATM are currently 25/1 on SkyBet. Might be worth a punt for those that believe it might happen
  11. This is a real difficult one for me. I had a ticket this for this year, but for some reason the excitement wasn’t the same as the other years. I didn’t have that buzz when I was successful in October, and the excitement never quite ramped up like it normally did. I still can’t pin point what it was, but I decided to not pay my balance and let someone else have the ticket who really wanted it. So I booked a holiday instead, and now here I am, laid in my hotel contemplating if I made the right decision, because it’s truly hit home that I’m not at the greatest place on earth. If anything, it’s taught me a very harsh lesson, and I know which decision I’ll be making this October!
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