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  1. The_Amazing_Oblong

    Download 2018

    Thinking of leaving around lunchtime tomorrow but it's only half hour away from me (on a normal day). I am not prepared - yet. Just need to pack, do the shopping, find all the things and the put it all in the car. Made slightly easier by the fact we just got back from Bearded Theory less than week ago so all the things should be knocking about. Have a good one.
  2. The_Amazing_Oblong

    Download 2018

    Likely to have been asked a few times but to save me trawling could anyone recommend a 'quieter' campsite within standard camping plx. I should have booked quiet camping - but didn't.
  3. The_Amazing_Oblong

    Bearded Theory 2018

    I can see why they say they will turn people away prior to 1pm but it's not really possible where it's located. Bit like Glastonbury it's down country lanes, it simply would not be possible to turn any amount of traffic around and virtually nowhere to park up nearby so I'm pretty sure you will be allowed on the car parks if you happen to arrive before 1. Not doing so would cause problems. Even though it is situated off a country road it's one of the main routes between Tamworth and Burton. Fully expect gates not to open until 1pm and tbh it's fairly pointless aiming to arrive early because there isn't much of a queue (judging from last 2 years) and there is plenty of camping space and none of it is very far from the arena entrance so very much unlike Glastonbury there's no real advantage to getting there early. Edit - Oh and we are going as Bees on Sunday apparently. No idea how the girls got from Magical forest creatures like pixies and elfs to land on Bees but there you go. If you see a bunch of bees on Sunday it could be us lot.
  4. The_Amazing_Oblong

    Bearded Theory 2018

    Didn't manage to catch them at Glastonbury but I am looking forward to seeing King Kong Company on the Thursday night - no clashes either. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AAC9GbRzTQ
  5. The_Amazing_Oblong

    Bearded Theory 2018

    Plenty of room.
  6. The_Amazing_Oblong

    Bearded Theory 2018

    Happy with Blossoms. I'm originally from Denton which is the next town along from Stockport where Blossoms come from so nice to see a local band doing well.
  7. The_Amazing_Oblong

    Where do you buy your vinyl?

    Online - Discogs/Juno Records/Norman Records/Ebay and directly from the band stores. In person - I shufty off to the nearest independent while my wife is shopping but my most used store is probably Swordfish Records in Birmingham.
  8. The_Amazing_Oblong

    What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    Going to Download. Got my wife tickets for Christmas as she's an Avenged fan. Looking forward to it, nice change.
  9. The_Amazing_Oblong

    King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

    $40, like I said I would happily pay that for the album itself. Its the $15 shipping portion of it I have unreasonable objections to. Also the fact that it will probably be sometime in late May before it arrives.
  10. The_Amazing_Oblong

    King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

    Ordered gumboot from ATO in the end. Silly really I object to paying the $15 shipping but would happily have paid $15 more for the album..
  11. The_Amazing_Oblong

    King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

    Mine arrived a few days ago. Anyone know where I can pickup Gumboot Soup other than preorder through ATO. Not due in until April, which I don't mind, but the shipping price is a bit steep. Been ultra busy since Christmas.
  12. The_Amazing_Oblong

    Bearded Theory 2018

    Total surprise. Super announcement for me and my crew.
  13. The_Amazing_Oblong

    Album of the Year 2017

    Not if they reformed with a different frontman and entitled the next album - Don't fuck kids.
  14. The_Amazing_Oblong

    Album of the Year 2017

    I agree you should if that is how you feel. I took exception to someone telling other people what to do with their list.
  15. The_Amazing_Oblong

    Album of the Year 2017

    I haven't said that anyone should get away with anything. If someone commits a crime there is a whole justice system set up to deal with it. There is more than 1 member of Brand New just as Lost Prophets. How is it just to punish an entire band of musicians (+ associates) because 1 of them has committed a crime ? Shall we have a big fire and burn the records we don't like ? Maybe we should have a few public hangings just in case. I like music simply because I like the music, I couldn't give a toss who it's made by. I still think Rock n Roll Christmas is a great Christmas tune even though GG is a nonce. The justice system caught up to him eventually and he got what he deserved. Doesn't make the record shit. What if we found out van Gough was a nonce, should we bin The Starry Night ?