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  1. 3 more names this morning on Greg James at 8. I’d be very surprised if Foals aren’t one of them given the recent ‘leak’ rumours, the amount of airplay the singles have had and they aren in Newcastle on Friday and Dundee for 2 shows on Sunday.
  2. He was a stick on to play as he’s literally from round the corner.
  3. New names added to this tomorrow morning. Maybe ticket details too?
  4. Any mention of when tickets go on sale?
  5. This is rivalling TRNSMT for the biggest line up let down of the summer. I agree with @zahidf; Yuck.
  6. Good shout. I thought that Bombay Bicycle Club might be involved?
  7. Completely agree with the YMAS comment but would add Palace to your list. They are amazing!
  8. Let’s face it, TRNSMT is not going to come close to Glasgow Summer Sessions this year. The Cure (and ALL the support that day) and Foo Fighters is right up my street. I am going to see GE (mainly for Sigrid) and have seen Snow Patrol this year so if they are both in one day, I’ll go. Also 2008 and 2011 were the best TITP’s.
  9. Just bought my tickets. Will be my first time to this festival. Hoping for a similar sort of feel that RockNess had about it. (Obviously not band wise)
  10. Seems strange to build it up like that last week and then there’s nothing on the website for this week.
  11. Any chat on when they are going to announce it?
  12. Jessie Ware announced for main stage Killers day completing a strong main stage but very poor tuts stage for me.
  13. Really disappointing safe bookings. Why not take a chance on some upcoming artists. I know tickets need to be sold for these things but there are so many other bands who would draw people in. It is August in Edinburgh and the festival will be on so these shows will probably do quite well and Kasabian on a Saturday will sell out. More dates to be added? (or just wishful thinking)
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