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  1. Just found out that a mate of mine that was going ( coach ticket) had a moment of madness on Sunday morning due to full on hangover and after looking at his finances wanted to inquire about the possibility of cancelling his ticket to ask if it was too late to get a refund. so... he sent seetickets an email asking if it was too late to get a refund, then the unthinkable happened. see tickets replied confirming that his ticket had been cancelled and a refund was on its way. cue panic and a quick reply back to see saying that he wasn't wanting to cancel just ask if it was too late. Basically see said "it's been cancelled" he then asked if he could buy it back to which their reply was "it's already been resold" as you can imaging he's distraught by what's happened, proper gutted. dont think he's got a leg to stand on but due to his curiosity/stupidity someone else will be going and he'll have to make do with watching it on the tv
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