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  1. This is sad. Parkrun is an amazing thing and has been responsible for thousands and thousands of people taking up running. The health benefits of this are enormous and contribute to extending people's life expectancy. The narrative that protecting people from covid is all the matters needs to shift now if we want to avoid the cure being worse than the disease.
  2. Completely agree. When did the aim change from "protect the NHS" to "stop anyone getting sick"?
  3. Saw some footage of the Blossoms gig. Great to see the return to normality. 5000 people and 4900 of them watching it through their phone screen.
  4. Can that really be true that the average victim would have lived for another 10 years? Median age of covid victims in the UK is 83 according to the ONS.
  5. Is 0.8% still towards the low end of the false positive PCR rate?
  6. If we keep restrictions because of the potential for variants that can bypass the vaccines then restrictions will need to be in place indefinitely. It's not a valid reason to maintain restrictions.
  7. Its very simplistic to say if people want to work from home then they should be allowed to. In some industries I can see why this is fair enough. For a lot of industries there is a clear reduction in efficiency to have people WFH though so employers are not going to pay the same wage to get less output.
  8. Whilst I'm not disputing it would be a pain, I don't think it's reason enough to deny hard hit businesses the chance to open 1 or 2 weeks early. Unfortunately I don't think there's a hope that they'll bring it forward though, irrespective of what the data is telling us.
  9. Completely agree. Was very vague about having a vote in Parliament on it as well. Increasingly resigned to the fact that its coming in and that it won't be going away.
  10. I'll be delighted if you were right regarding it disappearing with a whimper. However I fear that scanning a QR code to attend events is here to stay.
  11. The only shop the vast majority of people go into is the supermarket which has been open the whole time. Non essential shops with masks and limited numbers are going to have no discernable impact on numbers.
  12. Data not dates. There is not one single piece of data that suggests that outdoor mixing will result in a spike in hospitalisations. But yes let's wait 5 weeks to find out what we already know.
  13. And yet its another 5 weeks until we can legally meet friends or family indoors
  14. Also first doses are becoming less important in terms of impact on deaths and hospitalisations
  15. Agreed. Cases are becomingly increasingly irrelevant with each passing day.
  16. I can't think of a single person I know that would be accepting of the road map slipping by a month or so. There is literally not one piece of data that suggests that any delay is required. If anything, all the data suggests that we can accelerate lifting restrictions.
  17. Do you think extinction rebellion would have received the same level of publicity if they'd ran an online petition instead?
  18. There hasn't been an increase in cases though in which case there's no reason to wait and see
  19. Just to be clear I wasn't having a go at you. There is however a high degree of hypocrisy amongst a lot of people, including the media, this morning. The tweet in the original post is an example. What difference does it make whether its a vigil, a protest, a celebration etc.
  20. I completely agree. So why are we only allowed to meet one other person outdoors for the next 2 weeks? A lot of people that are fully supportive of the ludicrously over cautious roadmap, now suddenly of the opinion that its fine for 100's of people to meet outdoors. Can't have it both ways.
  21. Well known scientific fact that covid doesn't spread at vigils, only at protests.
  22. The idea that we should still be living under restrictions for another 15 weeks is becoming increasingly hard to defend.
  23. Why? Last year hospitalisations and deaths were very low over summer and that was with a peak in March/April. This year the peak was in January and we're vaccinating at an unbelievable rate. Scientists will always be cautious as they have nothing to gain by being anything else. It's the role of the government to balance the science versus all the other considerations. I don't see any reason why we can't get rid of social distancing by the summer.
  24. If there aren't indoor events this winter then when will there be indoor events again? Every adult that wants the vaccine will have had both doses. No reason to delay getting on with normal life.
  25. If social distancing is still enforced after the whole country has been vaccinated, we might as well throw the towel in and accept that we're living in 1984.
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