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  1. The Monday of 2007 is far and away my worst Glastonbury experience. We waited in the tents for about an hour on the Monday morning hoping the rain would ease then eventually gave in and started packing all our soaked, muddy gear away in the pissing rain. Had an epic trudge back to the car then took us 8 hours to get out the car park and another 6 to get back to London. It's a minor miracle I went back really.
  2. Plenty of valid reasons for people to protest. People that feel we're still living under restrictions for at least another 4 weeks despite meeting the criteria originally set out by the government for lifting all restrictions. People that feel the response to this is out of proportion with the consequences and don't like themselves and future generations having to accept a lower quality of life to pay for it. People that don't believe the government will actually lift all restrictions in july. Just because these protests attract complete lunatics doesn't mean there aren't valid concerns.
  3. I would've agreed with that previously. However here we are with everyone that has a statistically relevant chance of dying from covid fully vaccinated and yet we're still not lifting restrictions. Not sure how much lower the bar needs to go.
  4. There's no way he'll guarantee anything. Undoubtedly in 4 weeks time there'll be the timbuktu variant or the benidorm mutation and we'll be told another 2 weeks delay to get more data. Increasingly thinking they've already planned for restrictions in autumn and its much easier to do that if you don't remove them in the first place.
  5. Worth remembering that dying within 28 days of a positive covid test is not the same as dying because of covid as well.
  6. Unfortunately the concept of personal responsibility seems to be almost completely eroded. Why bother to change your lifestyle when you can sit on your sofa watching X Factor and wait for the big pharmaceutical companies to fix your problems.
  7. Whilst I agree that being overweight only puts yourself at risk, its also likely to put more strain on the NHS due to the treatment required further down the line. If people really care about the NHS then the best thing to do is to eat healthier, exercise more, stop smoking etc. However it's much easier to stand outside your door clapping once a week then go back to your family size bag of doritos and kid yourself that you've somehow made a positive difference.
  8. Agree with this. People's risk perception has been completely skewed, which is perfectly understandable given what happened over the last 15 months. As soon as you change the aim to "let's save every life possible" then we're resigned to a never ending loop of lockdowns.
  9. The aim of restrictions has always been to ensure that people that need hospital care have access to it. I've no doubt that catching covid is very unpleasant for a lot of under 40s. However it's not, and never has been, justification for imposing or maintaining restrictions.
  10. True that the majority (although not all) businesses are open. However being open and being profitable are not the same thing. Normally pubs would be absolutely rammed at this time of year - summer with a major football tournament on. Money made during this time would then keep them afloat during the quieter periods. Instead capacity is severely limited and they have to pay extra staff to provide table service. Being open is not the same as being sustainable.
  11. I completely agree that June 21st is entirely arbitrary. I'd much rather have seen a genuine "data not dates" approach rather than the approach the government have taken. However, given that this is the approach we've got, I can't agree with delaying removing or easing restrictions unless there's clear evidence that there's a credible risk of exceeding NHS capacity. If this time next week that looks credible then by all means delay it. If not then we need to push ahead.
  12. Why is vaccinating everyone 18 and over the threshold? Why not under 18 as well? It's a completely arbitrary parameter. Decision should be based entirely on whether there is a credible risk of the NHS capacity being exceeded. If not then there's no justification for maintaining restrictions.
  13. It's not rishi sunak's money - it's ours. Every week this goes on plunges us further into debt and lowers the living standards for us and future generations.
  14. Hope you're right but I don't see it. If the kids can't party legally then they're going to party illegally and that's when problems start.
  15. I agree that it's not something anyone wants to see. Unfortunately I fear it's inevitable if restrictions are retained after 21st June. Kids were told last summer no partying otherwise you might kill your nan. This summer nan has had two doses of vaccine. If they're still being told there's no partying it's not going to sit well.
  16. Completely agree. Why is it fine in July but not on 21st June? The aim of restrictions was to avoid hospital capacity being exceeded. There's not any evidence to suggest that is a threat so what are we waiting for?
  17. Ludicrous scaremongering. I'd bet statistically there is more chance of a young child ending up in hospital due to having an accident in the soft play area than there is through contracting covid when they're there.
  18. Also allows businesses to operate without social distancing which can be the difference between running at a profit and running at a loss for a lot of places.
  19. As of today, there is no reason to delay it. All hinges on the next 2 weeks and I'm hoping that good weather plus the vaccines will keep things where we need them. Going to be a hard sell to delay the date if deaths and hospitalisations stay where they are now.
  20. Difficult to get a decent full English and find a boozer showing coronation street as well
  21. This has to be a wind up surely? Nobody can genuinely believe that benidorm is the best Spain has to offer.
  22. This is sad. Parkrun is an amazing thing and has been responsible for thousands and thousands of people taking up running. The health benefits of this are enormous and contribute to extending people's life expectancy. The narrative that protecting people from covid is all the matters needs to shift now if we want to avoid the cure being worse than the disease.
  23. Completely agree. When did the aim change from "protect the NHS" to "stop anyone getting sick"?
  24. Saw some footage of the Blossoms gig. Great to see the return to normality. 5000 people and 4900 of them watching it through their phone screen.
  25. Can that really be true that the average victim would have lived for another 10 years? Median age of covid victims in the UK is 83 according to the ONS.
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