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  1. It indicates that there's a ceiling at which case numbers will level off and then drop though as immunity builds. I'm as optimistic as I've been that this winter is going to be nowhere near as bad as feared.
  2. Immense - will be in for Brixton. Likely West Holts headliners?
  3. Agree with every word of this. It's a policy brought in on political grounds not medical grounds. No evidence at all that it makes going to a gig any safer.
  4. Drumsheds cancelled their first show of the year. No explanation given other than "circumstances outwith our control". Hopefully not a sign of things to come for them.
  5. Exactly this. We haven't considered putting restrictions in place for flu previously, no matter how bad the flu season has been. Provided we're not at risk of exceeding hospital bed capacity, there's no reason to start now.
  6. I'm curious as to what the answer would be if you're suggesting it's not safe for a club full of vaccinated people to dance? If this isn't safe then presumably it'll never be safe and so mass events, Glastonbury included, should cease to exist?
  7. It's a digital ID system through the back door. Won't be going anywhere soon without scanning a QR code.
  8. Disgraceful and completely unjustified in my view. Clubs not even been open 24 hours and already clubbers being made the scapegoat for any rise in infections. Easy target as middle England have no intention of ever going to a nightclub. I've had both my jabs but that won't stop me protesting about this.
  9. It's all being set up for clubs being the scapegoat for the inevitable increase in cases. I'll be pleasantly surprised if clubs are still open by the end of August.
  10. I agree that they'll proceed with the 19th. However I don't think they'll wait til September before the flip flopping starts. Netherlands have already set the precedent.
  11. The reporting of this Netherlands stuff is unreal. Pretty much every headline is "Netherlands sees huge spike after nightclubs reopen". This despite only a third of the new cases being attributed to a hospitality venue. And of those, I assume the definition is that if someone was in a pub/club in the previous few days then they must've caught covid in there. Also very little mention that, as yet, hospital admissions have stayed stable. Clear that once again, everything is being set up to blame hospitality when cases inevitable rise in the next few weeks. Fully expect the clubs to be closed and social distancing back in pubs by the end of August.
  12. Masks were to be worn at all the euros games. Of the 4 I went to, I'd say compliance was less than 5%. Complete waste of time.
  13. This is my thinking as well. The mood music seems to have changed dramatically in the last few days despite no significant change in the data. Undoubtedly not helped by the government's flip flopping yesterday.
  14. It would appear my social group are far from representative in that case. I haven't spoken to anyone that wants current restrictions to be kept beyond 19th July.
  15. Agreed. Also what's the justification? By autumn everyone that's getting a vaccine will have had it. If we have restrictions this winter, we accept that we'll have them forever more.
  16. It definitely sounds like he's reading from a script a lot of the time. It's dreadful to listen to.
  17. He's absolutely shocking. Every time there's any sort of set piece within 50 yards of the opposition goal, he comes out with some melodramatic nonsense ("I wonder, I wonder" "it couldn't be, could it" etc). Shameless attempts to try and get a memorable quote to raise his profile ala Tyldesley and "can Manchester united score, they always score".
  18. I'm Scottish but have to concede that this made me laugh
  19. Even the WHO say that lockdowns should only be used as a last resort to buy time whilst implementing other measures. You're not buying time for anything if you implement them on an annual basis.
  20. According to the BBC article, the figure includes people that watched it in a pub or round someone else's house which is fairly tenuous
  21. Incredible to see people saying they would accept lockdowns every winter. Desperately hope that's not a widely held view. If this results in us exceeding NHS capacity every winter (which I highly doubt) then the answer is to increase hospital bed capacity, not to stick everyone under house arrest for 3 months and kill off the hospitality industry.
  22. I was there and there were a lot of knuckle draggers out. Lost count of how many renditions of 10 German bombers I heard.
  23. I was at that non-appearance by The View. Seem to remember they'd supported kasabian in Leicester the night before and story was they never made it to Glastonbury at all. Edited as seen the replies that it was due to a family bereavement and not them losing the run of themselves the night before.
  24. It's the pits. Waited in the queue twice now. Both times I've been greeted with a blank white screen that refuses to change no matter how many times I refresh or try going back out and in again.
  25. Anyone planning going to this tomorrow? Think I'll head down and see what it's like. Unsure of what crowd to expect. Ravers desperate for a dance or conspiracy theorists dishing out flyers about covid being a hoax.
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