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  1. In terms waiting the latest announcement I can remember other than special guests was Leftfield as Thursday headliners which was mid to late July, so it might be a while yet. As far as special guests are concerned the bat for lashes side project I think was only announced on arrival. So the pic could be true. If it was just due APE you think there would be at least an announcement date by now.
  2. Eels are 100% Sunday it is on their website and busy the other dates. Farther John is in Portugal on Friday so can only do Saturday or Sunday The guardian said four tet were on sat as does there own website, this could be wrong as they are free on the Friday but unlikely. This means Eels and Father John Misty are almost definitely both Sunday. Though could be an odd situation were Sunday has two coheadliners, and Friday has no official headliner. But again this is really unlikely. Though would be an answer to the confusion.
  3. Could play hades town, first lyrics given were from a song he sang on. Really good clue if it is him.
  4. Metronomy were down as unnamed special guests until after latitude was finished. Van I think likes playing midday he was helicoptered in and out your right he was always down as headliner though. Always thought having some of the more low fi headliners on earlier makes sense though. Fleet foxes at midnight does not work so well.
  5. Only reason for not announcing would they have not booked one or they legally cant as they are playing elsewhere. Last few times left a late headliner were kings of convenience and mercury rev. Both seem quite small acts. Which to me indicates they missed out on someone and booked a small band, might be same with kgwl last year. Only band I remember being held back due to other commitments was metronomy, they played last when Van Morrison headlined closing the set van played at tea time End of the road two years ago promoted Jesus and Mary Chain to headliner status. But even if the miss out on an act I would assume they would book a smaller headliner they booked the wedding present at a few days notice and with the right hype any heritage act can be built into headliner.
  6. It is in student area of Cardiff, cathays, so worth putting up a taylored poster for. It is just slipped between pigs7 and yak, not a big addition. It is nice poster tried to upload a pic but it did not work. The poster is built around putting everything it to boxes. There may be other acts added too I don't know I have not checked every name. It might just be a mistake. But they are on the poster.
  7. The big moon have been added to line up posters around Cardiff. Still have Eels in headliner place.
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