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  1. I bought a set of hair clippers and scissors last March and have been doing it myself. It's bit uneven here and there but I'm getting much better at it. I just slightly blur myself or tilt my head in zoom meetings.
  2. No photos but I used the showers 2019 and they were flippin great. Obviously you have to pick your times but overall they mostly quiet.
  3. Just think for minute, people actually vote for this dipstick!! Unbelievable.
  4. I agree with the 'footy is not the same without the crowds'. I really struggle to watch the Premier League these days, tried with fans on and off! but it's just a big turn off. Having said that, my team is playing tonight, the beers are in the fridge and I'm getting that nervy feeling. Mainly because it's a derby and we're playing rubbish atm.
  5. That's the scary side of all this, the not knowing! Very sad for your brother in law and the friends and family, shocker.
  6. At the moment it appears Starmer is taking the approach of mostly backing the government, and given the current circumstances that is not a bad idea. I am hoping above all hope that there is a longer term plan. Who knows.
  7. I have a best mate that lives in Costa. He only comes back for Bearded Theory, Beat Herder and Glasto then then pisses off back again 🙂
  8. Just to take this back to basics for a bit. All these 'Vaccine League Tables' & 'Vaccine Nationalism' is really getting me down. Why can't our Government do the decent thing and offer some sort of olive branch to the EU, at least get together to talk things through. Wouldn't that be the decent thing to do? I'm sick of people smirking at the the thought that we are doing ok and the EU have messed up. Anyone from the EU, or anywhere else in the world, either vulnerable, elderly or a front line worker can have my vaccine. I am happy to wait. The world needs to be vaccinated not just
  9. Miss Most: Playing the drums. I used to buzz of what snare and cymbals I was going to take to band practice. The new craft ale bars in my village. I'm not a massive drinker but random pints with friends and/or wife was great. The office. I changed jobs during the first lockdown and eight months into my new job and I haven't met my colleagues other than brief zoom meetings, which I hate. Bonuses: Saving money and then blowing it on the worlds most expensive hobby, Fuji cameras and lenses! I've decided to clean my fishing tackle up and I have joined a syndicate, car
  10. I went to BT in 2019 and it was lovely little festival. I didn't bother booking for 2020 as I secured a Glasto ticket and also didn't quite fancy the line up. Just booked a ticket now as the thought of spending time on a lovely site such as this with good friends, and drinking reasonably priced beer, is something to look forward to. See you there.
  11. An employee is dead and the first response in the article is that the products are not affected. I find it incredible that people are dying and they're just like numbers!
  12. I sort of agree. I am hopeful that in a couple of years will look back and think; What the hell was that all about! Maybe it is just one of those freaky years where there's a pandemic and we've just been unlucky.
  13. You never know your luck in a raffle 🙂
  14. So, I'm wondering if there's a chance that this shit will never end? Supposed to be working from home but with this today's news, inevitable as it was, I appear to walking around thew house aimlessly. Might nip to the offy for a cheeky Thursday night tipple. FFS.
  15. It was inevitable but when you see it in an email it is still gut wrenching to say the least. It certainly is a miserable time atm and I really hope that everyone is coping with the situation. Life is good, let's all look forward to next year's 'best party on the planet'.
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