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  1. A couple of stops on the jubilee line from central London and you will find Decathlon https://www.decathlon.co.uk/en/stores/sport-store-decathlon-london-surrey-quays-MS_0070024000240.html for all your camping accessory needs
  2. And the winner is .... Iceland :)

  3. The forth is looking good man

  4. Maybe I should have a shower considering I haven't had one in 6 days.

  5. Very excited for Lovebox...Not so thrilled about the Heavy rain forcast

  6. Just give Peas a chance

  7. Rolf harris and Cliff Richard are gracing the foyer of the Shaftesbury. Of all the days NOT to have a camara...GAH!!!!!

  8. Hopes that all involved are having fun at the 'Big Durham P*ss Up'. Wish I was there

  9. Is the rain waiting till I step out of the house?

  10. Hello Tuesday...so far you've been an improvement on Monday. Well Done!!!

  11. Hello Monday ... you SUCK!!!!!

  12. ''Oh, Vince Vaughn is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Here's my summary of every Vince Vaughn movie: Oh, I'm incapable of loving another person. Oh wait, no I'm not. The end.''... I couldn't have said it better myself Stewie

  13. Sorry Jedward, Blue and Geordie Romanian guy but MODOVA to WIN!!!!!

  14. I'm mardy for a Friday

  15. ''Your tickets were prepared for dispatch on 11 May 2011. Tickets will typically leave our office the following working day'' Thank you See tickets tracker...Excitement levels are now off the scale!!! Now just the anxious wait for the postie to deliver.

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