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  1. redpaprika

    Avalon lineup 2019

    She sang with Dexys when they played the Acoustic Stage 2014 I think
  2. J10 update https://www.netweather.tv/forum/topic/87677-glastonbury-2017-21-25-june/#comment-3585173
  3. Ugh It's that song about his bedsheets stinking again He should do his laundry
  4. The Smiths or if that's too unrealistic Lady Gaga
  5. Spinal Tap played last year and the Quo!
  6. redpaprika

    Weather thread 2010

    She's warming up!
  7. redpaprika

    Weather thread 2010

    This is what we want
  8. redpaprika

    The Pre-Stevie Slot

    Jamiroquai Seriously, Sly & The Family Stone Never happen though
  9. redpaprika


    Take some of these! Job's a good un!
  10. redpaprika


    It used to feel like my whole lumbar region had seized up after a couple of days camping This stopped when I got an air bed, best bit of kit I ever bought :angry:
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