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  1. bigj

    Ride request on Sunday to Reading (anytime)

    Hey, I'm contemplating leaving after London Grammar (21:30) and could drop you in Reading. Would this suit or too late? No idea how long it'd take to get off-site at this time as I normally leave on the Monday...
  2. Hi Ed, yes messaged you on the other site before I saw this... PM me on here if you prefer. Cheers.
  3. Bump.... Places still available, and I can now report the air-con in my car is fixed
  4. My usual lift share buddies aren't going this year so I have 1 or 2 spots free in my car (2 if you travel light, 1 if you take more kit). I plan to leave Maidenhead around 6am on the Wednesday and meet up with friends at the services on the M5, so I'm happy to pick up within a certain distance of the M4 along the way, or within a certain radius of Maidenhead. We always go M4/M5 and then a bit of a back-route to the West Car Parks which bypasses some of the queues. I plan to leave camp around 7-8am on the Monday. Cost will be an equal share of the car park ticket (£45) and share of roughly £40-50 for petrol. Car is a Fiat Punto - no air-con I'm afraid, but windows down and some good music on it's fine