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    BBC Coverage 2022

    I felt the same, loved the intensity. Spent the afternoon trying to decide where to see them for my birthday in November- Dublin, Belfast or Edinburgh (my home town).
  2. I thought that was an interesting choice. Probably lost on 99% of the audience, apart from the Windsor's themselves.
  3. To paraphrase Voltaire, if the royal family didn't exist we would have to invent them. If the alternative is the Kardashian's then I take the royal family😊 but I'm a history geek.
  4. How is this even legal? "fire and hire" ?
  5. I think Everton will scrape in, if only because the other 3 are marginally worse. Surprised that man city fans are so low in confidence. Nobody but Liverpool can stop them winning the league and as a Liverpool fan I'm not confident. I'm just talking football here, the ownership judgements are another discussion.
  6. Me too, but not sure it's helping 😟
  7. Listening to chemical brothers, and checked my email. It must be a sign. I've got a spare room but wrong side of Edinburgh. Shame tram won't be finished by August -at the moment I can't even get my car near my house and even pedestrian access is not a given!!
  8. Was listening to that too. My ear wasn't good enough to hear the twinkle twinkle little star in wonderful world though. 😁
  9. It wasn't football that she was worried about. It was the 6 nations. She can't afford to lose her middle class support.
  10. Maybe I'm too pedantic in my search; "forever" should have tried " longer-term' 😟 Not gonna happen anyway....
  11. Whilst I don't especially support Sturgeon I can find no evidence of her saying anything like that apart from @Fuzzy Afropost.
  12. And I am absolutely raging about that. Seriously considering moving my holiday flight to Manchester. Pure politics.
  13. My mum is a fan and contemporary. She always said she was too old to go to a gig, eventually I persuaded her in 2018 at the age of 78. She had a wonderful time. Thanks for the memories Charlie. RIP xx
  14. Looking very emotional at Wembley tonight. Well done England.
  15. Not a penalty, rubbish take and still a result. You couldn't make this up..
  16. My hubby is ultra stressed, I've no idea why he watches football.
  17. I could have seen it, but not sure if we had a TV then and if we did I was more interested in my pet lambs then. All the best to England - I will be supporting.
  18. England still have to beat Denmark for that to matter.
  19. My husband just ordered my silver wedding present so I feel I should support England for him.
  20. A guy at work said his lad went to London for the match and was fine but his mates who stayed at home all caught it. Who knows 🤔
  21. It was pretty obvious really. I was on one of the flights to London with my Mum the night before the match - great fun it was - I reckon were the only passengers not part of the TartanArmy.
  22. I must admit to a tear or two.❤️
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