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  1. Been watching this and am soooo glad it has worked out, well done for being tenacious. See you soon at THE BEST PARTY IN THE WORLD !
  2. No mate, I will bring wellies, poncho, waterproofs, umberella and a boat! This will ensure that it dosent rain. If I turn up in a teeshirt it will piss down.
  3. maninkilt


    So they are playing a festival in the states the weekend before Glastonbury, does that make them more or less likely to appear?
  4. Im going to buy a new water proof jacket tommorow, this will ensure that there is no rain at Glastonbury, I do this for you.
  5. maninkilt

    world cup

    Also, wont this add hugely to the number of JJB/St Georges flag blocking views?
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