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  1. If the app says that you might get lucky, but the T&C very clearly stated that creditcard refunds would only be given if you used the app exclusively.
  2. Yup, was credited to my Visa on the 3rd. Only works if you exclusively topped up through the app, hope you didn't also use the stands.
  3. Haven't tried yet - will do so before I leave on Sunday.
  4. Oh, the peer pressure. Friends persuaded me to tag along so went to Ticketswap and will be joining the party for the first time in four years for my tenth Lowlands in total. Probably won't make it until Friday morning though, flying back from Sziget on Thursday.
  5. What are the payment options at bars etc? Can I use my contactless EU debitcard or creditcard (either VISA or Mastercard), will I have to get physical money to carry around and potentially lose or will the cashless system return so I can at least top-up a Download payment card?
  6. You only have to be sneaky for drinks bought outside of Sziget. Island-bought drinks can be token to your tent just fine.
  7. Then hopefully Sziget books them. Me, myself and I prefer them over Gorillaz.
  8. Not happy about the Less Than Jake / Alexisonfire possible clash. So far I'm probably doing: Friday: Dragonforce > Marmozets > BFMV > A7X Saturday: ??? > Asking Alexandria > Babymetal > Parkway Drive (half) > GNR Sunday: Dream State > Greta van Fleet > Turbonegro > Body Count > Thrice > A > Alexisonfire > Rise Against > Ozzy (half) Not as elaborate an list as many (especially lacking the early hours of Fri and Sat) but I like to eat and stroll around so it'll be fine.
  9. Your list is awkwardly similar to mine... although mine includes Dragonforce and Rise Against and if need be I'll skip Marilyn Manson as I've seen him before and it wasn't great (not terrible either).
  10. Q: What's the situation on paying at the festival? A few years ago at Sonisphere I noticed that everything was cash and the ATMs didn't even take Maestro debit cards, so I had to go to Knebworth to get physical money. Is that any better at Download? All I can find is that there was a cashless system but they cancelled it?
  11. Haha, no, it was tongue-in-cheek. I know some people are full-on dedicated to a single genre whereas for me it's just something I also like, so I'm an outsider almost everywhere. At Sonisphere I had a few moments where on the inside I was really like: honestly guys I don't care what the bassist of X thinks of the drummer of Y, is that all we can talk about and please can we listen to other genres for fifteen minutes? Thanks for the tip, definitely my groove. If it doesn't conflict with my favourites expect me to be there!
  12. Just dropping by to say hello and stay informed. Download virgin here, by no means festival virgin though. Let me start off on bad terms: I like metal but am not specifically a metalhead, main attractions for me are GNR, Ozzy, Dragonforce, Rise Against, Alexisonfire, Babymetal and Less Than Jake.
  13. Got mine, including the moving- in ticket and the human rights shirt. Flight was already booked and as soon as Ibis their website stops acting up I'll my Saturday-before and Wednesday-after room as well. Totally ready for my tenth Sziget!
  14. The freebie shirts for Prime are interesting: there's four of them and you get to pick between the following themes: against racism peace a green planet human rights
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