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  1. Is it just me or does anyone else reckon that Happy Mondays are pretty likely to cancel? Here's my thoughts: Shaun Ryder has been announced today as playing V Festival this coming weekend - not Happy Mondays - and on efestivals, he's playing only one other gig in Leamington Spa on Thursday 26th. Happy Mondays website an myspace site has no dates noted at all. Bez has been done for assaulting his ex girlfriend and is about to be sentenced on 25th August. Either Shaun Ryder turns up himself or we have Alabama 3 as headiners - not a bad substitute given Mondays could have been shambolic anyway!! (and I'm just happy to see James on Friday!!)
  2. donkatoot

    Just Back

    Great time for the 4th year in a row and no sign of interest fading from our group. Musical highlights included Stornoway, Levellers, the end of Feeder, James McKenzie & The Aquascene and unusually the best were Young Fathers. Not my normal taste but boy, do these guys entertain!! Never seen a whole audience so smiley when leaving a tent - although I also smiled after seeing Tiffany Page...... Not many negatives - Amy was ok but still not really headline material, number of p'd up teens making a racket all night in the family area (but I've been young myself), and the cancellation by Goldheart Assembly. Otherwise all good and if they can set up a good line up for 2011 on the back of an early sell out this year, I reckon we'll all be there for year 5.
  3. Is it a bit wild to think someone like Tired Pony - the REM/Snow Patrol/Belle & Sebastian/Iain Archer side project? Just thinking it's maybe likely to be folk/country tinged given the Grassroots Stage. They've just released their first album with no apparent live dates - and Iain Archer has played Bella before. Would be a real coup if they pulled that one out. (But Richard Colburn playing with B&S in Singapore on the Saturday which may be my downfall....!!!)
  4. Stornoway Goldheart Assembly Patch William Woodenbox & Fistful of Fivers (unless clashing with Stornoway) and can't decide between Feeder and Levellers Wildcard is Jon Garcia at the Potting Shed depending on timing.
  5. Loving the update bryanb - and a few surprise guests still to be announced makes it a wee touch more exciting!!! I can see a few clashes appearing but just happy to see the lists - all good!!
  6. Now that Bella appears to be sold out, hopefully we can get some more information on stages, timing, etc. Looking back on efestivals, the stage splits were announced by bryanb on 17th July last year. We're over a week later this time and the only detail seems to be on the smaller tents - Madame Fifi's etc. Does anyone know if they plan to release more info before the event? Just wondering about any possible clashes.
  7. Less that 2 weeks to go and we get an announcement of Eliza Doolittle (ok) and The Side (some good stuff), with a bunch of cabaret tribute acts - not exactly cutting edge. Although there's still enough new and old to keep my interest, its a bit worrying that the depth of quality is not there this year. From the dubious headliners to the heavy loading of Grassroots Stage type acts, its not hitting the mark of previous years. Still - I'm optimistic enough to find something to enjoy with Jon Garcia, Patch William, Woodenbox with Fistful of Fivers and Pete Lawrie sounding fine on my Bella playlists. I have no doubt it will be a great weekend but the promoters and organisers need to keep delivering to make sure future years hold interest. But no point being too critical until we see how it all works out, so bring on the St Helier.........
  8. I see that Villagers are playing Edinburgh on the Friday night of Bella - hoping the organisers can squeeze an appearance out of them up north on the Saturday. I reckon they'd go down pretty well. www.myspace.com/villagers
  9. 5 days without any posts on the forum...........surely we can't let interest wane!! Especially since we're now only 8 weeks away. Admittedly the weather's not setting the scene for festival going but hopefully Bella chat will increase next week after Rockness. Making most of the lull by picking up on some of the acts not well known to me - particularly Goldheart Assembly, The Boy Who Trapped the Sun, and Egyptian Hip Hop - as well as Harper Simon. And I bought a new torch!!!
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