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  1. We went in them , great crew bars , miles better than the normal bars , and when the masses arrived and the queues was massive at the normal bars we just went to a crew bar , no queues and plenty of places to sit , crew bars are some of the best bars on site . Just my opinion
  2. I was at glasto for 9 days , but I could of gone for 11 days , was great seeing the site before the masses arrive , was nice and chilled , so to me it felt like it was on for a week , fact is thou if it was on for a week some of the workers would have to arrive even earlier , and some of the workers have been at glasto since April and beginning of may , not sure they would want to go even earlier than that
  3. PetePie

    Is It Too Hot?

    I found the crew bars a life saver in that heat ,loads of places to sit in the shade no queues for the toilets or bars , so we spent a good while sat on sofas having a few. Cold ciders after watching Gerry cinnamon
  4. Walked past Jeff goldblum as he came out of one of the tents back stage at west holts
  5. We took 3 tents home and some other stuff on Monday afternoon ,that people left behind
  6. It will be my 3rd day at glasto and I will be in One of the crew bars , having a few ciders , 🍺👍
  7. We will be leaving early Sunday 23rd as we are working , could get there earlier if we wanted to , gonna be strange be onsite before the gates open , never done that before .
  8. PetePie

    Fleetwood Mac 2020

    They might be playing a secret gig this year . Maybe at strummerville 😂
  9. PetePie

    Fleetwood Mac 2020

    My son is at the Fleetwood Mac gig and just rang me to tell me , they said “they are going to be playing a Rained out festival in England , so sounds defo like glasto To me
  10. Personally I think it’s too early to say what’s it’s gonna be like , where I live they said last week “ tomorrow it was gonna be cloudy and sunny all day no rain , it rained half the day and we didn’t get any sun
  11. I got told the beer is cheaper in the crew bars and they have a wider selection of beer /spirits is this true ?
  12. I will be checking this and other crew bars out , for the first time in 25 years of going to glasto I am working this year , we will be going to glasto on the Sunday before gates open , and my shifts are in the south east corner , really looking forward to being on site before the general public arrive , so we will be checking out as many crews bars out as we can . That’s if we can find em all , is there a crew map that shows you where they are are ?
  13. PetePie

    Resale Club 2019

    I went to Turkey when glasto was on ,the first time I missed out on tickets and couldn’t get any tv coverage over there of glasto so didn’t see any of it , so I didn’t really miss it , but regarding secret resales I did secure tickets a couple of times for mates , it’s just timing being on the page when they went on sale , so it’s not over yet there is still hope , that’s if there is a secret resale this year
  14. PetePie

    Resale Club 2019

    I hear what your saying , I was gutted when I first missed out on tickets for glasto but the 2nd time I missed out I wasn’t that bothered , so I just went to other festivals instead , or went abroad when glasto was on ,or didn’t watch it on the tv , I missed out on tickets again this year , but I might be working it yet , but if I don’t end up working it this year I ain’t to bothered , as we know people who said they could easy get us in
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