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  1. cheeseisamazing

    Voulinteer Lift request: brighton

    Anyone coming up on Wednesday the 6th from Brighton or the south east and has room?
  2. cheeseisamazing

    Don't vote Tory

    I hate poor people so i'm voting Tory (jks, I'm tactically voting Lib dem in eastbourne)
  3. cheeseisamazing

    Secret resales

    would love to join!!
  4. Mumford and sons for T-in the park. Reading reading reading

  5. need a rock werchter ticket!!

  6. need a rock werchter ticket!!

  7. cheeseisamazing

    The Rock Werchter 2012 Advertisement

    Anyway. Might as well give this a shot... On offer for a limited time only: -----Your New Best friend!----- Cost: Your spear Rock Werchter ticket! Deal will include the full value you paid for it too- via paypal, online credit card transaction Or Cash In hand. Your are purchasing a one in a lifetime offer for a new best friend for the Rock Werchter Festival 2012. A chilled out, fun, 20year old student with an obsession with music and festivals Your new best friend will do awesome things for you! Single? He’ll be your full time wingman Not single? He’ll help you defend your misses from the French! Do drugs? He’ll share his and help you get some Don’t do drugs: He won’t do drugs and get drunk with you instead Don’t drink or do Drugs: He’ll walk around the festival in a Nun Costume preaching how bad it is to do drugs & Drink Smoke? He’ll roll your fags Don’t smoke? Good for you J Want to party all night? He’ll stay up with you Want to go to bed? He won’t keep you up Feeling down? He’ll give you a hug Feeling cold? He’ll lend you a blanket and give you a hug Can’t put up a Tent? He used to be a scout and is an expert at putting up tents Need help carrying stuff? He’ll try and help... Can’t Cook? Nor can he, But he knows how to fry an egg Need someone to see bands with you? He’ll go see them with you Can’t speak a foreign language? Nor can he, but is fun to try anyway Need someone to travel with? He’ll travel with you Want to laugh? Knows plenty of jokes INCLUDED EXTRAS! Random Facts about the Ocean & science from a Marine Biologist Guitar* (may be played badly) Super Noodles! Gas stove and kettle Fully trained first aider (Hse First aid at work) Free Banter- generally up for doing most things :/ Massages if necessary(No homo) Someone to laugh at, particularly as he’s prone to falling over and cocking up Fancy dress options available Terms And conditions The Best friend reserves to rights to see: The Cure, Justice, Mumford and sons, The XX and The chilles. The best friend reserves the right to not be exploited Your best friend will try and travel with you unless your flying, because he’s poor. Drugs refers to weed, your purchasing a heroin addict!

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